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I can’t exactly drive to Africa. But I can drive to Folsom, Louisiana! I am always on the lookout for great field trips for my home-schooled kids.  One of the best parts of home-schooling is the ability to incorporate school with vacations. And, the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom Louisiana is a great destination!

The best description of this wonderful wildlife preserve comes straight from their Mission Statement:

“We seek to be a center of excellence in education; to create a perfect place in which threatened and endangered wildlife, from around the world, live and flourish in a free-roaming natural environment. A place where children, adults, students, and teachers embrace the values of active conservation and wildlife preservation through hands-on education and first-person sensory experience.

Get ready for a wild adventure at the largest totally free-roaming wildlife preserve of its kind in the country! The Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, Louisiana is home to over 4,000 exotic, endangered, and threatened animals from all over the world.”

Just Outside of New Orleans

In preparation for your visit to the Global Wildlife Center take the time to download and print the lesson plan activity sheets.

This massive wildlife preserve in Folsom, Louisiana is just one hour north of New Orleans!

This whole area is a treasure-trove of history. In addition to the Global Wildlife Center and the museums and galleries of New Orleans, the magnificent antebellum plantations that still stand make a great field trip for another day.

Louisiana is a wonderful and fun place to visit for the whole family! Home-school and camping were made for each other! And, there are plenty of great campgrounds all over Louisiana!


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