Good Sam Club Members Now Save on Fuel at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers

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January 11, 2012

Pilot Flying J LogoBOWLING GREEN, KY–(Marketwire – Jan 5, 2012) – Members of the Good Sam Club, the world’s largest RV owner’s organization with over 1.3 million members across North America, now enjoy a great new exclusive money-saving benefit with the Good Sam Club Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card.

Beginning in 2012, Good Sam Club members can apply for their Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card which will allow them to save on each gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel purchased; 10 cents per gallon on bulk propane purchased, and 50% on holding tank dump station charges at all applicable Pilot Flying J locations across the United States. The recent decision to combine the former Camping World President’s Club and the Good Sam Club into a newly-expanded, upgraded club was a key element in the club’s partnering with Pilot Flying J.

“The extra leverage of our combined member numbers helped make the Pilot Flying J discount possible,” said Good Sam Chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis. “Our members have been asking for this benefit for some time, and it is one that we are especially happy to make available to them.”

“The price of fuel represents the single biggest expense in most of our budgets as we enjoy the RV lifestyle,” said Lemonis. “Securing discounts on a commodity like fuel is not easy. Finding a provider who has a nationwide network of locations and the facilities to properly serve our members is even more challenging.”

“I think we have found the right partner in Pilot Flying J,” he added. “They have built a great program that provides discounts to our members in addition to offering some of the lowest fuel prices in the market. They also met the tough standards we set for first class facilities in convenient locations when we first started our search of a fuel discount for our members. This commitment to our members naturally led to naming Pilot Flying J the Official Fuel Provider and Travel Center for the Good Sam Club.”

Pilot Flying J’s CEO and President Jimmy Haslam concurred with Lemonis noting, “We value our recreational vehicle customers and are pleased to offer them this exciting new benefit. Good Sam Club is a household name in the RV world, and we’re proud to partner with them in order to best reach the RV owner community, understand their needs and provide them with quality products and services. This is just another way we can thank our RV customers for their loyalty in choosing Pilot Flying J, the driver-driven company.”

Along with savings on gasoline, diesel, propane and dump services, Pilot Flying J locations offer a wide array of conveniences and services well-suited for RV travelers, including dedicated RV fuel lanes, convenience stores, on-site restaurants, safety and a clean environment for families. As part of the exclusive new program for Good Sam members the companies have co-produced an RV Travel Guide which lists all the participating Pilot Flying J locations and the RV specific services available to members at each location.

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About The Good Sam Club

The Good Sam Club,, is the world’s largest RV owner’s organization with over one million members. Founded in 1966, the club offers its members a wide variety of services, including the Good Sam Extended Service Plan, Roadside Assistance, RV and Vehicle Insurance, RV Financing, Good Sam Visa Card, Life & Health Insurance and member discounts at parks, campgrounds and RV events. Good Sam Club members also receive a subscription to Highways, the club’s popular RV travel magazine. Additionally, the club represents more than 1,500 local RV chapters designed to bring RVers together from similar geographic regions for group camping excursions. Extremely committed to its RV members as well as to the environment, the club is a founder of the annual National Cleanup Day program and an advocate of public land access, Adopt-A-Highway programs and Adopt-A-Park programs. The newly-expanded Good Sam Club offers members advantages unmatched by any other RV and camping organization. These include savings of up to 30% on merchandise, installation and service at Camping World; 10% savings on nightly fees at over 1,700 Good Sam RV Parks and campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada; preferred rates on roadside assistance, insurance and extended warranties; exclusive member-only savings on the Trailer Life Directory and more.

About Pilot Flying J
Pilot Flying J, the driver-driven company, is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has more than 550 retail locations across North America. Pilot Flying J is also one of the nation’s largest wholesale fuel providers, delivering over 500 million gallons of fuel to thousands of customers in 47 states and eight Canadian provinces. The company employs approximately 18,000 people and is the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America. Visit for more information.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am a good sam member and would like purchase another rv travel& savings guide. Is that possible if so how and where. D.R. Burgey

  2. Sheridan M. Henson Jr

    I was very diappointed with my new pilot credit card. Tried several times and it would not work. Went down to a near Race track pump and used my bank card for 150.00 US dollars worth of gas. Sorry Pilot but I don<t need your card.. Tried again in another state and the attendent (in Tennessee) had never seen a pilot credit card and would not accept it. Maybe Pilot needs to place 200.00. on each card when they send it out just in case.

    Good Sam Says

    Our sincere apologies for the issues you have experienced…I will reach out to Pilot/Flying J on your behalf to make sure these issues do not happen in the future.


    I am a member since 2006. Would you send me my saving money on gazoline on Pilot and Flying J

    MEMBER NO: 60010626

    Thank you in advance

    Good Sam Says An RV Plus Card will be necessary to participate in the Fuel Rewards Program. To apply for the RV Plus card, you can contact Pilot/Flying J directly at 1-855-4RVPlus (855 478 7587) or apply online at

    If you are in need of further assistance please contact us at [email protected] or call our Member Services at 1-800-234-3450 all day, every day. KO

  4. stuart hilton

    Just tried to log on to my Good Sam account after many tears of not using it.
    So I tried to log on and change my e-mail address but my old one MUST be used first
    Well in 20 years I’ve used bellsouth,aol,gmail,yahoo and more accounts
    Other organisations use alternatives like secret information
    and addresses etc but not Good Sam
    So I guess it is Goodbye Good Sam

    Good Sam says: Stuart, we’re sorry for the issues regarding signing into your online account. We have been able to look up your account, so please look for a email from us regarding your online registration. Thank you for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  5. We’re sorry that you feel this way, and are certain that the folks at Pilot Flying J can check into how to make this most accommodating. Simply call 855-478-7587 to find out additional ways of payment. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  6. Dennis in Califorfnia

    We are life members of Good Sam and recently applied for and received a Pilot Flying J account/card and on a recent trip in our Class A found that we did indeed save on diesel. Additionally we found the card simple to use at the pump. We do all of our banking online and also found it to be a simple matter to monitor our account (which my wife does daily anyway, even while we are on the road) and pay the bill at the end of the month, easy! We have other gas and credit cards and this account only adds another option to use while traveling. The cards we carry with us (including our Good Sam and Camping World cards) are kept in a very secure but convenient location in our motor home, not in our wallets, and we only take them out when needed and then immediately return them after use.

  7. L. Knote

    I tried to apply for the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card. I thought this was a discount card not just another credit card that I don’t need. They did not offer any way to pay the bill but on line or draft which I will not do. I pay my bills by check not on line. Guess I will not be getting one of these. Too bad that it sounds like such a good deal, but in fact is a big problem.

  8. Rita Deller

    I applied for the Flying J/Pilot charge card. Used it successfully 2 times. However, my 3rd time using the card I had nothing but problems. It would not accept my control # at the pump. Went to cashier who assured me I would still get discount and he entered control # at register. However, when I returned to get my receipt, it did not show discount, but he assured me discount would be given on my billing. I then proceeded to have my propane tank filled, and, this time the billing was not allowed and after the clerk making a phone call to RV Plus, was told there were problems with the system and I would need to make payment by other means, in other words, cash or credit card. Which in total frustration I did, which, of course, means I did not get the discount on the propane.

    Upon my return home from my trip, I called RV Plus. Spoke to a very nice customer service rep who assured me she would investigate the problem and call me back. That was over 2 weeks ago and I have not heard a word back. I guess she was not as nice a person as I thought. Needless to say, I will no longer be a Flying J or Pilot customer. I think Good Sam has made a big mistake in working with these companies and the RV Plus program. I am a lifetime Good Sam member but, believe me, if I was an annual dues paying member, I would also drop Good Sam. Also, please note that when I pay my next (and at this time my last) statement, I will deduct the amount of the discounts I should have received on the gas & propane.

  9. Robert Horton

    Just adding my negative comments about the Pilot Flying J discount charge card.

    Don’t need another charge card!!! And to apply for the charge card, you have to submit all of the normal credit card info, including social security #, etc. And, then read their terms of service. No law suits allowed if you get stiffed by Flying J.

    Good Sam is doing themselves a disservice by promoting the Pilot Flying J discount card as a great additional benefit to Good Sam members. We are just signing up for another charge card that Pilot Flying J controls, and can then track all of our activity at their stores and stations. Like others said, you can get discounts on gas with various other credit cards.

    I occasionally used the old Flying J discount card that you had to show. But that was even a hassle.

    Paying with a credit card for filling a 50+ gallon gas tank requires you to check into the station counter first, so you don’t get shut off at the pump when it hits $75. Last year they would then turn on the pump and not hold your credit card. That was a plus.

    Sorry Good Sam. The Flying J charge card does not turn me on.

  10. Ernest – we apologize for this inconvenience. We will check into the cause of this right away. In the meantime, you can reach out to Pilot Flying J via phone and they should be able to set you up. Please call 855-478-7587. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  11. ernest mckenzie

    i been trying to get the discount card for gas , and they say i am not a member i am a life member you people should up date your idiot computer.

  12. I have yhe good sam credit card but i need the gas card plan trip to yellostone soon thanks

  13. Dwain Christensen

    We applied for a Pilot/Flying “J” and Good Sam credit card on January 16, 2012. As yet we have not received the card. Can you tell us when we may expect to receive this? Our confirmation code number is 1618VAF751FA1161A3151.

  14. Ed Applewhite

    I have posted some of the same questions about this topic on Facebook, sent an email as requested, and reading here see the same questions asked again. I have contacted Flying J with the same results. Both companies are reacting with the same customer “no service” answers— no answer at all.

    After 3 attempts I did finally get an answer on how to find the discount level I get with my charter life membership. Having said that I see the answer to the question of why the extremely low discounts with this card has not been explained. I also see the question of which price (cash or credit) does the discount apply to has never been answered.

    There are many ways to get a 5% discount and even with giving up the 6 cents cash discount for using these methods, one is still at a 14 cent discount (much better than the GS discount). If one pays cash, they receive the same discount unless the GS discount is on the cash price – then the discount would still only amount to 12 cents

    I am sticking with the old method which gives me an extra 3 cent making a total of 15 cents and no extra card to apply for

    Good Sam says: Ed – we understand that not all of our members will desire to use this benefit. We only wish to make it available so that anyone of our members who wishes to take advantage of this is able to. Also, just to clarify, the discount applies to the credit amount as all charges must be placed on the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card in order to receive the discount. Thanks for being a Good Sam life member!

  15. Lyle – We think there may be some confusion surrounding this card, so we would like to provide some clarification. The Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is set up so that all Good Sam members can apply for this card, and we can assure you that this card is one of the many member benefits that are included with your membership – there’s no additional cost associated with it. The card provides fuels discounts with life members receiving the highest level of discounts available. In order to receive your life member discount on fuel, simply use this card to pay for your fuel, propane and other expenses accrued at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers. If you would like more information, go to

    Thanks for being a Good Sam life member!

  16. pilot flying j plus card and pilot flying j card sucks food sucks

  17. Lyle V Neuleib

    Having been a Life Member since 1992, we feel that we should have usage of the new benefit with Pilot/Flying J.

  18. Lyle V Neuleib

    We have been Life Members since 1992 and Charter Member of the Life Membership. I don’t feel we should have to pay $25 for the new Pilot/Flying J Card. Please enlighten me about this card.
    Thank you, Lyle Neuleib Member # 25179243
    e-mail: [email protected]

  19. Michael Lee

    I am not happy with this “great new fuel discount”!! My PenFed credit card gives an automatic 5% refund on ALL fuel purchases which is much better than 3-5 cents per gallon! Why can’t you get a discount where I just show my Good Sam card and use any credit card I choose?!! That’s the way it used to be!!

    Good Sam says:
    Michael, this is a requirement from Pilot Flying J in order to validate your membership level within their system and in order to extend the credit via the RV Plus Card. We do understand that not all members will want to take advantage of the new Pilot Flying J discount, but we wanted to make it available for those who do wish to participate. We hope you’ll take advantage of our additional money-savings benefits. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  20. Jack Miller

    I quit Pilot when they started the 2 pricing system and than FJ when they did the same. I will not use nor need another credit card, I would try using the Member Card like in the past. And than only when it is clear what the price will be at the RV islands. I use Walmart and Kroger now and save as much or more. Some times ther are less convient but I can handle that problem or inconvience.

  21. William

    My AAA credit card gives me 5% discount on fuel if I use their card…..much better discount than 5 cents a gallon that Pilot/Flying J is offering. And it’s good for any brand of fuel.

    I do use Flying J whenever the facilities are available because they generally have the best price on fuel.

  22. Judy Schlesselman

    I do not like the fact that I cannot pay my bill by check after receiving a statement. I do not pay any of my bills on line. I do not want it automatically deducted from my account. I like to see the bill and look it over before I write that check. Guess I won’t be able to get a card. What a shame!

  23. Dennis

    I’ve been a life member since early 90’s, is 6 cents the max discount? Is this card inserted at the pump and the discount applied or do you still have to go inside first? Is the discount applied to the credit card price or the cash price?

    Good Sam says: Dennis, you can signed into your Good Sam online account to view your life member fuel discount on the Member Benefits page. This card is inserted at the pump, and the discount is applied to your charge card. Hope this helps to clarify.

  24. Diana – the discount is different depending on which type of Good Sam membership you have. The long you’ve been a member, the more you’ll save! If you would like to see the amount that you will save, simply log into your online Good Sam Club account and go to Member Benefits.

  25. Diana

    I already pay off my credit card every month thus not accruing any interest charges. What is the actual discount with the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card? I’m trying to decide if the discount is enough to offset the adverse affects of applying for and keeping up with another credit card.

  26. The Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is available for any Good Sam member who wishes to apply. We do wish to provide clarification in that the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card as the card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Also, you will receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. And with this new card, Good Sam members receive a deeper discount than other Pilot Flying J cards offer. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a Good Sam member.

  27. happy camper

    I don’t like to requirement of another credit card to keep up with in order to get a discount. HC

  28. John Buehman

    I’ve been a Good Sam member for 11 years and see some positive changes in the organization.
    I would apply for the new , pfj card, but do not need another card to carry or worry about missing the payment cut off date. I’ll stick with the old “frequent fueler card”.

  29. Gary Baker

    I’m a Good Sam member thru Jun 2013, but have not received Highways magazine since the late fall issue in October. Please restart it or tell me what’s happening? Thank You.

    Good Sam says: Gary, the October Highways is the latest edition, and you can look for your next copy to arrive early next month. Plus, new for this month is the Hi-Way Herald which is a supplement to the Highways magazine. Check it out online by clicking the link below: