As an RV enthusiast and Explorer, there is one piece of gear that I always have on my dash and in my pack. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger lives up to the saying, ‘Big things come in little packages.’ This 7-ounce unit is packed full of innovative technology that keeps you connected with others regardless of cellular coverage (or the lack thereof). SPOT is the world’s first Satellite GPS Messenger that can send your location and status message to others from virtually anywhere in the world, no matter where you find yourself, on the road or off the beaten path.

SPOT enables you to Check-in with loved ones, letting them know where you are and that you’re safe. Your contacts at home can Track your progress on Google Maps™ while you’re on the road or on a hike, sharing your trip and adventure with family, friends and associates also giving them piece of mind that your trip is going great. In a real emergency, SPOT dispatches your GPS location to a Rescue Coordination Center who will notify authorities that you need help. And now, SPOT will soon offer national roadside services accessible with the push of a button.

This hand-held, award-winning device has been used to send more than 6 million “peace-of-mind” and “track-me” messages and has initiated more than 130 rescues world-wide since its inception in December of 2007. SPOT employs 100% satellite technology. It works where cell phones don’t and sends messages like other GPS devices cannot

While I have thankfully never utilized the 911 button for help, traveling in my RV I am often driving or camping in areas with no cell service. I frequently rely on my SPOT unit to notify my family, friends and colleagues that I am OK. They are able to receive my approximate latitude and longitude with the help of Google Maps™ and see my progress with SPOT initiated emails or text messages. With the new addition of national roadside services soon available, this is a must-have for all RVers and every explorer regardless of your mode of transportation.

I am very excited SPOT will be teaming up with Camping World at The Rally to launch a program that puts this life saving technology in the hands of anyone wanting it. I can’t think of a better gift to give a family member, friend or associate than piece of mind. Whether you backpack, bike, drive or boat this is an absolute MUST-HAVE. Of all the gear I ever purchased, my SPOT unit is on the top of my list.

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  2. I bow down humlby in the presence of such greatness.

  3. Hey Joseph & Ron,

    Thanks so much for the critique. Ron you are half right, I am a techno-freak and only wish I had the “too much money” part!

    Any chance you guys are at The Rally? I’d love to meet in person.


  4. Ron Butler


    That’s for your research and comments. I heartily agree with you. At our age, we’re not back-backing into the wilderness or taking unexplored snowboarding trips! I find it interesting that we have entered an age of technology and expectations that we should be able to have instant contact/communications with anyone at any time or place that we want or expect!! If it’s that important to remain in contact with the world, what are you out “camping or rving” for anyway?!
    Do you really think that you have to be in constant contact with anyone at anytime? Jeez, how did our parents, grandparents and forefathers ever survive as they migrated westward?!? Just something else for the techno-freak that has too much money!! Oh, oh, that may get a response!!

    I don’t blame Brian for writing about the newest little gadgets, it’s kind of fun to see how far they go with technology, but it’s something else to think that he makes the assumption that “everyone” needs this little gadget!! So what if you don’t have cell service for several days? Does that mean you have driven off a cliff?

    Oh well, happy travels everyone.


  5. To me this is a tool for those who do things alone a lot.
    I did a search and found in the Terms and Conditions you must subscribe for the service, pre-pay for 12 months w/o refund, UR liable for accidental 911 calls, UR to have your credit card charged a fee calculated at a rate of $345.00 per hour, or stated part thereof, for a minimum charge of one (1) hour and maximum charge of two (2) hours, for each such false 9-1-1 Emergency Signal event. If you purchase the optional Search and Rescue Service, UR subject to pay for the rescue, UR subject to finance charges of 1.5 %, taxes, and U can not hold the company liable if rescue is delayed or failure of transmission signal.
    This TOOL (SPOT) may be a life saver for mountain climbers, those who travel the back country and oceans alone, but for myself the cost of the service and liability is too high.

    I shall not be a victim of those selling fear and shall continue to use a cell phone, CB radio, and using the Buddy System that allows someone to for help.