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Safety tips

At our women’s roundtable discussion, several tips on the topic of safety were suggested. Here’s one from the roundtable plus a safety device for young children I came across yesterday. We’ve probably all heard of ICE (In case of emergency) numbers on our cell phones. One woman reminded us about ICE numbers. Her suggestions: Both

The cost of full-timing. Can you afford it?

From the desk of Firedude The age old question comes up all the time in the forums and I get emails all the time asking “how much does it cost to full-time”? This question has so many variables it is hard to answer since we all have varying needs, desires and differing financial status. To

DSLRs – Full or Half Frame?

In the past there was little choice – all most of us could afford is half frame or APS sized sensors in our DSLR cameras.  Although the APS sensor is a big improvement over the sensors found in most point & shoot cameras, they still present some limitations. DSLRs with full sized sensors (sensors that