Firedude’s Top 10 best projects/mods and must have’s….

1. RV Notebook.
My RV Notebook software has to be one of the most valuable programs I have to date. I now have all my pertinent files pertaining to my RV all in one convenient location versus several files scattered all over my computer. It’s made life so much easier and efficient. All my maintenance items, upgrades/mods, costs, travel info and everything to do with your RV’ing all in one neat interactive program. You can learn more here.

2. Mobile Broadband.
After trying many different types of Internet access including a few years with Direcway (Hughes) satellite I finally went with Mobile Broadband utilizing a usb aircard and broadband router thus giving me my own rolling WI-FI hotspot. No setup time, just turn on the computer and I’m on line. Much better speeds, all my on line banking and bill paying is now a breeze and not affected by weather. The Mobile Broadband has made life so much more simple and enjoyable. It’s mobile so if you have a laptop you can use your connection easily while traveling or away from your RV. I explain this more in my Mobile Broadband Guide.

3. Computer Work Station and cabinet addition.
Being I do a lot of work on line I installed and mounted a computer desk in place of one of my recliners. The slides clear it when it comes in and everything is in place with Velcro for traveling. The desk and cabinet are secured in place for travel and pretty much a permanent fixture. I have all the space and work area I need all in the one convenient location now. I simply measure the area to be used and for clearance of the slides and went shopping for the right desk.

4. Storage solution for cabinets.
The overhead cabinets were becoming a mess during travel with things seemingly relocating themselves so I set out to find a better solution. A lot more organized as well and you can even label the drawers if you wish and forget what drawer has what. More on securing them and this in my RV Tech Tip Guide.

5. Addition of fluorescent lighting.
This was a must. The fluorescent lights use less energy (amps) are 12V and do not get HOT like the traditional 12V bulbs. That’s something I do not like being a former firefighter. The light is cleaner and lest intrusive and easier on the eyes. Saves battery power as well when dry camping as well. They are a bit more expensive, but well worth it in my book. I use “Thin Lite’s”. Here’s the link.

6. Double Wrap Velcro, a must have.
One of my Tech Tips. A 25 yard roll and it has a multitude of uses from A-Z . This stuff is too easy to use and is only $20+ delivered and goes a long ways. Secures water hoses easily, neatly groups and holds wires together and a multitude of other uses. Neat, clean appearance of your items as well. It can be obtained here. This has really helped me organize things and also makes for a better appearance of such. Here’s a link for the wrap.

7. Weather Station with wireless remote outdoor sensor.
I always keep any eye on the weather and with the remote sensor can keep an eye on outside temps and humidity. You can ad sensors to some units and also monitor the temperature and humidity in places like your basement etc. Some systems allow you to ad several remote sensors for various things. I added one to my basement after putting one of the dry air pots in there and checked before and after humidity and was surprised to see how much the dry air pots lowered the humidity in the basement. I use a LaCrosse weather station. Here’s a link.

8. My Dry Camping and boondocking package/setup.
With my setup I can dry camp literally indefinitely and never have to hitch up to go dump and take on fresh water and it’s pretty much effortless as long as there is a dump station within a reasonable drive! In addition to my Trojan batteries along with the addition of florescent lighting a new converter and a couple small inverters I am good to go and didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars. With these mods and additions along with my Honda 2000 I can dry camp indefinitely without ever moving the coach an inch and so much easier. More on that here.

9. Accent lighting.
I have also added small strip lights above my kitchen cabinets. They are AC powered of course, but ad a really nice accent at night and provide enough light to function and it is very relaxing. Most the strips only use 1 amp. I also have one placed under the cabinet of above my computer desk and can have all the lights off and it provides ample lighting for working on the computer. along with this and the 2 above the kitchen cabinets it provides enough light to do most things and can have all 3 on and only consume 3 amps of power. I got mine at Ace Hardware. Here is the link.

10. Air ride Pin Box.
My TrailAir air ride pin box (there are others as well) has made all the difference in the world for me in towing. Smoother ride, less tiring, much less structural stress on both the tow vehicle as well as the 5’er frame. My items inside the coach are no longer tossed around like rag dolls and things in the cabinets now seem to ride in their original place. Again there are several different models and makes, but this is the one I chose. Cost delivered was $929 to my door and install was about 2 hours (2 people) with coffee breaks. The cost was well worth it with the results I’ve gotten.

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  3. Lynn White

    Hi, The pictures are now showing and some of the links in the above article are not working. Even though this was published a while ago, it is still great information. Any chance of getting them updated?

  4. Art Izer

    Where is the best place to purchase our first 5th Wheel and is there a best place to register it? We are looking at getting a Montana 5th Wheel.
    Art & Ruth

  5. Hey thanks for the note Larry! Sounds like you’re right on target there buddy! 😉

  6. Tony: I have a computer desk like your in my 5er dinning room slide from which I am typing the now. I also have a Trail Air pin box which has been on two 5er’s for 8 years, and could not do with out it. And I love my temp in-out display by my desk. I am adding my third replacement fluorescent light to my rig. Keep up the good work.


  7. Bob,
    I know LaCrosse and others make units with multiple senor tracking units and they aren’t very expensive really. I’ve been wanting one for the basement to follow temp and humidity, one for general outdoor use and I can come up with a couple other uses as yourself. You jogged my brain here and now I’m going to have to go shopping!

    Fred! Get that thing out of the box or I’ll send you a shipping address!;-)

  8. bob

    I use the temp gauge with the out door/indoor in side the fridge, that way I can see the temp. as I walk by. wish I could find one with more units one for outside one inside one in the fridge would be nice. bob

  9. Fred

    I bought my wireless Weather Station two years ago and still haven’t taken out of the box – I’ve been too busy with all these other projects posted here. (joke)

    One nice thing about it is that you hook it to your wirless laptop computer and can keep a record of the conditions for that place in case you want to go back there years later and can’t remember anything about it.

  10. Hi Cindy!
    I usually mount mine in a place outside near the RV. Just about any place I can find. Also another good use for the Velcro wrap! I usually mount it in the shade. when I’m here at my anchor point I have a small Rubbermaid storage shed that I use Velcro to attach it to the non sun side. Any place will do. I try not to make it visible although nobody has ever messed with it in the several years I’ve had it. Many tines I’ve attached it to a tree, fence post or just about anything except metal where you get a false reading due to the metal heating up in the sunshine.


  11. Cindy

    Where do you mount the outside sensor for the Weather Station? Is it permanently mounted?

  12. The above link for the Velcro wrap has been fixed. sorry about that!