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VIDEO: RV Camping at DISNEY WORLD… on Halloween!

Recently, a YouTube subscriber (click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and NEVER miss an update http://goo.gl/7YrpRH) asked us to name a few favorite camping locales we’ve discovered on our Long, Long Honeymoon travels. I’m partial to remote, rural, dry camping sites out West, in obscure places far removed from civilization. But my wife

Firedude’s Top 10 best projects

Firedude’s Top 10 best projects/mods and must have’s…. 1. RV Notebook. My RV Notebook software has to be one of the most valuable programs I have to date. I now have all my pertinent files pertaining to my RV all in one convenient location versus several files scattered all over my computer. It’s made life

Internet by Tethered Cell Phone

I’ve written about this before, but I’ve learned more since then, so I’m revisiting the topic. This is a good option for Internet access on the road, especially for part time travelers because it does not require a separate contract. It’s a feature of your cellphone contract and it can be turned on and off