Top 10 Computer Uses in an RV

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February 6, 2009

I could probably come up with 100 uses!  But, here are my top ten.  I’ve divided them into two categores, *with* and *without* an Internet connection.  How to connect to the Internet on the road is a popular, ever-changing topic.  I write in detail about all 3 ways (Wi-Fi, Satellite, and Cellular) in my article, Internet To Go.  The links below are to past articles I’ve written here on the blog.

Without an Internet connection:
1. GPS navigation and trip-planing
2. Managing your Digital Photos
3. Watching TV or Movies on DVD

With an Internet connection
4. Researching Destinations online
5. Email
6. Sharing photos online – movie example
7. Blogging!
8. Banking
9. Listening to Radio

And, probably the most important use of our computers:
10. Working! – making our website – our website gives us the income that makes our fulltime RV life possible!

What about you?  How do you use a computer when you’re traveling in your RV?

Chris Guld
Computer Education for Travelers

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  7. Tim Timothy

    oops, sorry. wrong thread

  8. Tim Timothy

    The “battery” thread is of interest to me in that the “house” I intend to power(at least partially) with my electric car batteries is actually my “house on wheels”.

  9. I am able to work for the employer from which I retired, using a VPN. I can access the information I need to complete forms involved in regulation of the industry any time of the day or night, anywhere I have internet access, and utilize a little “time clock” program to keep track of my hours.

  10. #1 use for a computer in an RV… Reading the RV.NET Blog! 🙂

  11. Karen

    Here are some of our top uses – playing games on and off line

    using Google Earth to scope out the physical
    details of campgrounds ,parking lots and
    boondocking spots

  12. Can you find a better place to write your next book then the quiet of an RV park?