Easy Mirror Adjustment

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February 26, 2011

Easy mirror adjustment - RV tech tips by membersRichard Ward, Sun City, Arizona

Here is an easy way to adjust your mirrors the way you want them. Take a straightedge and lay it across the surface of the mirror and slide it until it touches the body of the tow vehicle. Then place two marks; one where the straightedge lines up with the top of the mirror and one where it lines up at the bottom.

Do this on both sides of the vehicle when the mirrors are in the “in” and in the “out” positions. When this is done, all you have to do is to look across the mirror and line up with the marks on the vehicle and the mirror is adjusted.

I use Magic Marker to make the marks as they will come off with mineral spirit. You might have to renew them now and then.

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  1. Whew. I thought I was just having a “being female” issue…glad to know all those men agree with me. What happened to editorial proofreading before publishing? This was worse than ‘going around the elbow…’

  2. The Geezer

    I may be getting old but I can still read. I just haven’t quite got these instructions for setting tow mirrors figured out yet. Can anyone help me? Anyone??

  3. Hugh Scott

    I’m dyslexic but “tow vehicle” is not “two vehicles”…it makes sense to those that can read.

  4. Kathleen

    I understand it, but only because I looked at the picture and had mirrors like that on my tow vehicle many years ago. Not many mirrors like that anymore.

  5. just read the “easy mirror adjust” article. I have no idea what the writer is saying. I am more confused after reading it then before.

  6. Sandy

    Even if it is Tow Vehicle, I still don’t understand….. Do you? Please clarify because it does sound like it could possibly be helpful???

  7. Kathleen

    To be fair, I think he meant to say “tow vehicle”, not “two vehicles”, then it makes some sense.

  8. Bob Patton

    I had to read it several times but, after ignoring the confusing parts, I think I’ve got it. The end result is that the mirror is adjusted properly when you sight across its surface (frame) from the side and the marks on the vehicle line up with your line of sight. The illustration would be clearer if the straight edge was held horizontally instead of vertically where it contacts the vehicle. After I figured it out, I thought it was pretty ingenious. Good going Richard.

  9. Richard Winskowicz

    Everyone is right. Have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. The comments above indicate that they aren’t any smarter than I am. What are you talking about

    Two vehicles – a towing vehicle and trailer????????? At least some of the people who looked at this are RV drivers and can’t begin to see the dingy!!!!!!!!

    If you are going to write for the general public, maybe you should think about starting out by qualifying who might be interested in your tip.

    “Easy Mirror Adjustment” – get serious !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dave

    Ditto, I was beginning to think I had become senile.

  12. Fred and Frances

    Hello, we recently bought a new Dometic fridge for our small trailer, it is a one door, and is a 3 way, we want to buy a new battery as we plan to use the DC to cool our fridge when we are traveling, we would only use it while the car is running and the battery is being recharged, we are thinking of buying a deep cycle battery group 27, does anyone know if this battery is what we should be considering, and has anyone any experience with a 3 way fridge, using the DC to keep it cool while traveling, we know it is against the law to use our propane, but RV stores have told us that it is done a lot, and the place that sold us our fridge said not to use it on DC while we are traveling as we will end up with a dead battery very quickly, does anyone know ? thanks !

  13. Chef Boy R G

    Ummm maybe a repost with better instructions is on tap. My current straight edge cannot touch 2 vehicles. If it could, then the results would be on a curve or differ.

  14. Albert Yingst

    Makes no sense to me!

  15. Paul LeSage

    Ditto to Scott’s remarks. Glad to see it’s not just me. I also have no idea what you are talking about. It reminds me of the instructions that come with something made in China or Japan.

    Please do not pursue a career in writing instruction manuals.

  16. Scott Mitchell

    Most complicated directions for such a seemingly simple procedure…it says ‘slide it until it touches the body of the two vehicles.’ What would 2 vehicles be??? Then next is ‘Do this on both sides of the vehicle when the mirrors are in the “in” and in the “out” positions’ Why would I have In and Out positions? It looks like a good tip, but I sure could not figure out how to do it. Thanks, Scott

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