Florida – a destination for numerous snow birds (i.e. Canadians) during the winter time. For us the name represent a dream – bringing our kids for an extended field trip experience in Orlando. But Florida is much more than just Orlando and Theme Parks. It’s a state to discover and to experience. I wish we could stay for six months when we are there because there is so much I would like to do. But we have to be realistic and one month is more in our budget.

9780756685539HBut what can you visit while in Florida. Well to get a better idea of the things to do, the places to stay, and the restaurants to visit, I decided to check out the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Florida. This book will highlight all the fun places to visit and much more.

The book is divided in four sections – each of them dedicated to a specific aspect of Florida.

  • Introducing Florida: Discovering Florida, Putting Florida on the Map, A Portrait of Florida, Florida through the year, The History of Florida.
  • Miami Area by Area: Downtown and Little Havana, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, Farther Afield, Shopping in Miami, Miami Street Finder.
  • Florida Area by Area: Florida at a Glance, The Gold and Treasure Coasts, Orlando and the Space Coast, The Northeast, The Panhandle, The Gulf Coast, The Everglades and the Keys.
  • Travelers’ Needs: Where to stay, Where to eat, Shopping in Florida, Entertainment in Florida, Sports and Outdoor Activities, Weddings in Florida.
  • Survival Guide: Practical information and Travel Information.

I particularly like the fact that there is a section about the history of the state. This will be interesting to read to my family while we are driving to our destination when we go there. It would be a perfect opportunity to grasp the history of the state where we will be for an extended period of time. The history is packed with interesting information from the discovery of Florida to the more recent years.

Miami being a popular destination for snow birds, you will find a whole section about this region. Then you can explore the other regions depending on where you want to go. Each section of the book which is dedicated to a specific region is packed with information and stunning colored photos. One area I would love to go visit would be The Everglades so that we can observe the nature in a natural habitat. In this book, I also discovered the Florida’s Coral Reef and saw amazing pictures from the animals living in the sea.

This book is a great planning book to have if you are scheduling a trip to Florida for your family. It contains plenty of information on the different regions of Florida and would be a great tool to bring if you plan to move from one area to another as you explore this popular state.

There is so much to do and see in Florida that I think this book would be perfect for new visitors as well as experienced visitors.  The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Florida is a great investment to explore the places you would like to go before actually being there.   As a planner, I like to have a book like this before going on a trip. This book is definitively a gem to have as reference before and during a trip in Florida – wherever you are going within the state.

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