Just when you thought you’d seen the biggest and the most decked out motorhomes that money can buy, along comes Der Bus.

Der Bus, a German Goliath is for sale. (Source: derbus.de)

Der Bus, a German Goliath is for sale. (Source: derbus.de)

This luxurious monstrosity palace on wheels debuted in 1975 at the Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main as the Jumbocruiser.

The double-deck articulated coach was later presented to the public at the International Omnibus Week at Nice in 1977.
Among the biggest man-made coaches ever, this vehicle was able to transport 144 passengers.

The Bus is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest, street registered motorhome.

As only 12 vehicles were built, it is a unique rarity and has been described and explained in several books and publications since.
All indications are that it is the last surviving species of this construction line.

The coach has been re-modeled and changed into an “Action Mobile” in the course of several years of renovation (about 25,000 working hours).

A new engine—Daimler Benz OM 404, 12 Cylinder V-Motor, Diesel Injection—was installed and the transmission—Allison HAT 750m CR Automatic—was overhauled.

Der Bus lower deck (Source: derbus.de)

Der Bus lower deck (Source: derbus.de)

The chassis was completely renewed and covered with sheet metal, a drop backboard was integrated into the rear part as a loading platform for small vehicles, and seven additional sky lights were installed on the roof.

The passenger area is located in the front section of the coach and consists of a driver’s seat and eight passenger seats covered with black and yellow leather. The floor, as in all passages of the vehicle, is made of grey and white mixed siliceous resin. The entire instrument panel has been renewed and generously covered with a root timber laminate.

Next to the passenger area is a VIP Lounge equipped with a bar 16 feet (5m) in length with black wooden blinds. This was manufactured using different noble materials like root timber, stainless steel, aluminum, Corian, and mirrors and offers running water, a refrigerator, a sound and video projection set, a PC-working place, and the central control unit for the alarm and energy systems.

Opposite there is a comfortable designer couch made of the same leather as the passengers seats. All windows are framed with root timber and can be closed with integrated curtains.

The walls are made of white leather combined with aluminum; the floor is covered with structural genuine timber.

Root timber elements have been assembled on the ceiling together with chromium-plated low voltage lighting devices. The illumination may also be controlled with a dimmer as is the case in the bedroom, living room, and guest room.

Der Bus kitchen (Source: derbus.de)

Der Bus kitchen (Source: derbus.de)

The first bedroom is located in the front upper deck of the motorhome and is equipped with an electrically leveled bed which, if required, can also be replaced by a settee or couches for use as a conference room.

For entertainment a stereo set-up is located in the living room. This room is closed off by swinging doors and contains two sideboards and an upper wardrobe decorated with off-white plates framed with black oak edges and profiles.

The ceiling consists of aluminum- covered plates, which are integrated by polished linking and framing profiles made of aluminum. This type of ceiling, which includes the chrome-plated low voltage lighting system, covers the entire upper deck. Moreover all the windows and roof lights in the entire upper deck are framed with polished aluminum profiles.

In the middle upper deck next to the bedroom is the living room equipped with two specially conceived designer couches manufactured in yellow fabric and black leather on stainless steel feet. The walls are covered with off-white and the floor with light grey carpets.

Der Bus kitchen (Source: derbus.de)

Der Bus kitchen (Source: derbus.de)

Located next to the living room, the kitchen is manufactured in solid wood with blue, black, and stainless steel resopal surfaces. The working surface is made of white grey Corian. It contains the refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, and baking oven, dish washer and, of course, running water. Moreover the air conditioning device and an alarm unit were integrated.

The dining area features a table made of Corian and stainless steel with corresponding chrome seats.

The front access to the upper deck is located next to the dining area.

A roof platform was mounted onto the entire length of the vehicle. In addition an exterior lighting set with eight spotlights of 500 watts each was installed onto the roof which can be combined with a space for advertising.

The upper deck features are a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, and guest berths with a floor area of about 485 square feet (45 square metres).

This gigantic motor coach is for sale but no official price is available.

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