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The One-And-Only 1937 Chris Craft Motorhome

Art Himsl owns the only 1937 Chris Craft motorhome ever made. I didn’t know Chris Craft made motorhomes, and it turns out that they didn’t. They made one-and-only one—this one—and it is owned by Art Himsl. “They started to build this vehicle in 1937 in San Francisco, probably as a prototype as it took from

Der Bus: Titanic-Sized Motor Coach

Just when you thought you’d seen the biggest and the most decked out motorhomes that money can buy, along comes Der Bus. This luxurious monstrosity palace on wheels debuted in 1975 at the Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main as the Jumbocruiser. The double-deck articulated coach was later presented to the public at the International Omnibus Week

Sustainability at Rest: a Revolutionary RV Concept

Sarasota, Florida-based ROBRADY Designs plans to transform the recreational vehicle from a lumbering fuel-guzzler into a lean, green ecologically sustainable luxurious machine. The first step in attempting to take the idea of sustainability and green RVing to a whole new level was to slim down the motorhome and thereby increasing fuel efficiency and consumer accessibility