Sustainability at Rest: a Revolutionary RV Concept

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September 21, 2013

Sarasota, Florida-based ROBRADY Designs plans to transform the recreational vehicle from a lumbering fuel-guzzler into a lean, green ecologically sustainable luxurious machine.

The first step in attempting to take the idea of sustainability and green RVing to a whole new level was to slim down the motorhome and thereby increasing fuel efficiency and consumer accessibility in response to higher fuel prices.

But that was just the beginning.

Green RVing is not a new concept with solar panels on roofs of RVs becoming more commonplace especially in the Southwest where dry camping is the norm on BLM lands in the Sonoran Desert.

What is particularly interesting and noteworthy about the ROBRADY motorhome is how its features mark the next step in the evolution of green RVing.

This revolutionary motorhome makes the leap from solar panels to charge the house batteries to a solar-powered engine.

ROBRADY Designs’ unique multi-disciplinary culture meant they could borrow from lessons learned in other market segments to create a transportation product with an innovative “sustainability at rest” concept.

Going beyond fuel efficiency and solar panels to charge coach batteries, they introduced solar panels on the awning and roof, hydrogen fuel cells as an alternate power source, an electric vehicle charging station for Segways and Vectrix motorcycles, and an AquaVentus device, which literally pulls fresh, potable water out of thin air by use of condensation capture technology.

Fun and eco-friendly, this revolutionary RV concept appears to be a worthy alternative to the large diesel pusher motorhome.

This ambitious motorhome is still in the prototype stage and there is no indication of when to expect it at your local RV dealer.


ROBRADY design

ROBRADY design is a multi-disciplinary product design and development studio that offers its multinational client base—including General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Dell Computers, Segway, AT&T, Merial, Vectrix, and Yamaha—progressive industrial design; mechanical design and product engineering; graphics, packaging, GUI, web, and eCommerce design; market research; brand and retail development; complete rapid prototyping; and production program management.

ROBRADY design stresses a comprehensive speed-to-market plan by collaborating to identify the greatest areas of opportunity and producing profitable product solutions.

ROBRADY delivers design, production, and capital solutions to its clients in support of their research-to-reality philosophy.

Address: 1040 Commerce Blvd N, Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: (941) 359-6656


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