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Sustainability at Rest: a Revolutionary RV Concept

Sarasota, Florida-based ROBRADY Designs plans to transform the recreational vehicle from a lumbering fuel-guzzler into a lean, green ecologically sustainable luxurious machine. The first step in attempting to take the idea of sustainability and green RVing to a whole new level was to slim down the motorhome and thereby increasing fuel efficiency and consumer accessibility

Cramper Van: Mini-House on Wheels

Dubbed the Cramper Van, the world’s smallest, lightest RV can seat up to four close friends in a pinch although one of the seats folds down over the two-ring hob and sink. The invention of custom car fanatic Andy Saunders, owner of Kampers Kars in Poole, Dorset, Cramper Van is a mash-up of an old

Hey Dad…You Gotta See These RVs

There’s never been a better time to take up the RV life. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a snowbird, or an RV full-timer, there’s an RV to suit any travel budget and taste. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) recently reported that nearly 8 million American households have an RV—Class A motorhome, Class C motorhome,