We are a famimage_thumbily that loves to explore around while we are going on vacation.   To be honest, while we will enjoy going to the beach for a few hours, I don’t think we could last a whole day sitting in the sand, playing in the water and so on.  Mind you it could be different with kids (we have never went to the beach with them yet…) but deep down I think it’s better to plan how much time you want to spend in the sun.

As we are seriously considering next year as potentially the year of our road trip to Florida, I was pondering how I can make our future trips more fun and exciting.   Then it dawned on me… when traveling around, you always have offbeats attractions, folk art sites, sights and eateries to check out.   Thinking of that I remember visiting the Big Potato in OLeary (PE) ,the Big Violin in Matacquac (NB) and the Big Nickel in Sudbury (ON).   What other unconventional attractions can we find?



So this morning I was checking out iTunes and discovered this app – Best Road Trip Ever!.   My curiosity was picked…

I purchased it and decided to explore it.  In this out-of-the-ordinary app, you will find over 2500 attractions that will allow you to get out of the car and stretch your legs.   These attractions can be unusual architecture, a road side attraction like the world’s largest or smallest things as well as muffler men, odd memorials, natural attractions, offbeat museums and collections, unnatural wonders, cool signs, and relics.

Another fun thing you will find in the app is a list of over 3300 eateries.   Whether you are looking for the best place in town where the locals meet up, a Classic Diner, a BBQ Join or unique lodging for a snooze while traveling, this app has it all.

Finally, the app wouldn’t be complete is you couldn’t find the places where folk art can be seen.   You can find places where you have art galleries, where you can sit down and chat with an artist or even check our cute little museums and collections.

From the map view, you will get a multitude of green, red and blue icons.   Each represent something.  The green icons are primarily for the attractions you can find while driving.  The red ones represents the places where you can eat and/or sleep.  Finally, the blue ones are specifically for anything that is art related.  I can also explore a specific area – let say Florida for example – and map out the ones that I would like to check out when we visit it.  So while exploring Orlando, I discovered that you can check out the various orange groves around the city by climbing the Florida Citrus Tower.    One thing we like to do as a family is to experience various pick your own fruit/vegetable.  One of my dreams would be to be able to go pick my own oranges when we are in Florida.   Now I fully realize that it all depends on the time of the year… and if we plan a Spring trip chances are pretty slim to be able to pick some ourselves.  But to be able to view the groves from above that would be a fun experience I think.

image[8]  image[11]

I definitively plan to check out the various attractions, eateries and other fun things that can be done in Orlando and/or Florida.   This app will allow us to explore the area beyond the regular theme park attractions…  I already started making my list!  *grin*

My only disappointment is that there are no Canadian Road Side attractions, eateries or folk art listed in this app.   I think it would be interesting to incorporate the ones from Canada to make it more North Americanish if you see what I mean.

The app is available for purchase at iTunes for 99 cents.

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  1. I can't wait to purchase this app and put it to use. My better half and I are on a two month camping trip around the coast of Florida right now. Check out our website for some ideas for your own upcoming road trip. Keep in mind, we just got started. We've got plenty more miles to cover and great places to explore along the way!