A Going Green Contest? Put On Your Green Thinking Cap

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February 28, 2009

Of all the subjects that I post to this blog, “green” gets the most comments. Certain sub-subjects within the main green category, like global warming, drill or not to drill, and development of alternative energy generate the largest quantity and most emotional comments. Many of those who do not believe global warming is a reality use words like scam, fraud, Al Gore, and hoax in the same sentence. Those who do thing climate change is a concern treat the words Bush, big oil, and coal as pejorative terms and offer tips for combating the warming of the planet. Whether to drill to tap into domestic oil reserves or not also arouses strong feelings within the commenters, as does the expenditure of lots of money to develop alternative sources of energy when the price of oil is hitting new lows and we don’t–at least at present prices–have to dip into our grandchildren’s college fund to fill the gas tank.

Funny thing, though. No matter which side of the green issue the commenters are on, a large majority of them claim to be conservation minded, do some recycling, do less driving, and try not to pollute. There are a few, however, that feel that they have earned the right to do whatever they want now that they have reached a comfortable age and comfortable level of financial independence, but they are the minority, even among the most anti-green.  But for the rest of you, there is an opportunity coming up to show your stuff.

I am referring to the Going Green Contest at The Rally this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Rally, a combination of efforts by the Good Sam Club and Highways Magazine, MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines, the Woodalls’ group, and a few others, is the largest RV Rally in the nation and is held each year in as many different cities as can be arranged. This year is the first in Albuquerque. It is also the first year for the Going Green Contest.

The contest challenges RVers to invent or create a new green idea, something that RVers can use to reduce their use of natural resources, pollute less, reuse or recycle instead of feeding landfills, or any other clever idea that will make the planet a better place to live. This is the place to show your stuff. Impress your fellow RVers. Help Mother Earth. And, get this, win prize money. Yep, the Affinity Group and The Rally are going to award prizes for the best entries.

Open The Rally Web site and in Events under the Rally Quick Links, click Going Green and you will find contest information, rules and that stuff, and the official entry form. But don’t take too long. The entries have to be in by April 1st. Oh, and another thing. You have to attend The Rally to win, but I figure you were going to go anyway.

I’ll see you there.

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  2. Denise – Though there are currently no plans that I know of to publish or list the ideas online, I would not rule it out. This is the first year for the contest so who knows in what direction it will go or what the results will be. Email me after the rally and I may be able to give you more information. Bob

  3. John Shelton

    I had to chuckle to myself as I read your piece here. If “AL Gore” is used in a sentence; scam, fraud and hoax would also be appropriate whether the subject were climate or conservation related or not.

  4. Denise in Ark

    I really hope that there is a pretty good write-up sharing the various ideas that come in. We won’t be able to attend the rally, but I’d sure be interested in a list of all of the ideas and how to implement them.

  5. Al

    i think that every one is on the auto makers to be more green, well you know what they had the ash trays in the car for many years and peaple used them but today as you drive along the byways and in particular at intesections look at all the cigaret buts in the gutter. Maybe the buts are to heavy to discard in the trash or maybe the vehicle may catch fire with all the trash inside. I think this would be a great place to start by cutting down on all the pollutants from the buts not to mention the foul oder.