CamelBak Better BottleYou cannot fault its simplistic name as gimmickry; the CamelBak® Better Bottle really looks like it is a better bottle. Made from a new plastic called Eastman Tritan™, these bottles are safe for cold or hot liquids, they hold up just fine in the dishwasher and they are very impact resistant. The Better Bottles are BPA-free, so whichever side of that argument you fall on, you will not have to worry about it with these.

The advantages of the Better Bottle don’t end with its construction. They are available in 17, 25 and 34 ounce sizes, with four different types of lids. The 90-degree twist top lid free-flows when open, just like a traditional sports bottle (i.e. you can squeeze the bottle for a refreshing shower!). The “money lids” in my opinion, though, are the two bite valve lids. I have been using bite valves on hydration packs for years and they are very convenient, because you can take a drink with one hand and they do not leak when you are not drinking from them. As you can see in the picture below, the soft rubber valve opens when it is squeezed – which you can easily do with your fingers or your teeth.operation of a hydration bite valve

Tough construction, a cool loop for clipping onto a carabiner and a bite valve for spill-proof drinking; The Better Bottle really is a better bottle.

Happy camping!

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  1. Michelle

    I have a Better Bottle with the folding bite valve and don’t know how I ever lived without it. I bought the bottle sleeve to keep the condensation down and this truly is a terrific product!

  2. Arthur

    I have been using a scew off cap CamelBak® bottle. It isn’t made with any bad stuff, so I can drink without worry. It is a great bottle.