A HIGH QUALITY RV Product — Assembled in the USA!

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November 9, 2014

Occasionally we come across a high quality RV product that’s worthy of special consideration. Such is the case with this impressive winterizing tool that’s assembled with pride here in the USA.

WOW: Look at the build quality! Yep, they still make 'em like they used to. (Click the pic for more info.)

WOW: Look at the build quality! Yep, they still make ’em like they used to. (Click the pic for more info.)

These days, it seems like everything we buy is built out of cheap plastic in China. NOT THE CASE HERE. If you winterize your rig every year, you will benefit from owning one of these high quality blow out adapters.

It’s a smart long term investment in a lasting piece of equipment. In fact, this a “wow” product that anyone would be proud to own, at least anyone who appreciates nice garage gear.

As you probably know, a blow out adapter is an essential tool in the RV winterization process. These tools allow you to connect an air compressor to your city water inlet, and “blow out” any excess water from the lines. Once the water is completely removed, it’s times to add antifreeze.

What makes this blow out adapter special? The build quality is top notch. It’s assembled in Andover, Kansas like a commercial grade piece of kit.

Can an RV blow out adapter be beautiful? If you appreciate well made gear that is BUILT TO LAST, then the answer is yes.

All metal parts are solid brass. The hose is made of Goodyear insta-grip and is pressure rated to a whopping 250 PSI.

The flexible hose allows the adapter to access tight spaces and minimizes stress on piping and fittings.

This gear is touted as 100% outdoor rated and is impervious to water and oil.

One end of the adapter has a male garden hose faucet connection which screws directly to the city water inlet on your RV. The other end of the adapter has a quick-connect plug designed to connect to most air compressors.

Note that if your air compressor does not have a quick-connect coupler, you can easily remove the quick-connect plug with a wrench. Doing so will reveal a standard 1/4″ male NPT (national pipe thread) connection, which is a very common connection. If necessary, any hardware store can help you find the proper adapter to connect the 1/4″ male NPT to your air compressor.

Want more evidence of quality? The product is assembled using food-grade vegetable oil and non-toxic plumber’s pipe dope (Anti-Seize AST PPD) in the installation process.

It’s backed by a 120-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty.

Click here to get your own.

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