10 Terrific Things to Make on Your BBQ Grill (plus one bonus!)

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February 26, 2009

  1. Salmon in foil packets – no muss, no fuss…just good and good for you
  2. Rosemary and garlic shrimp – a taste sensation
  3. Marinated pork loin – use a meat thermometer to test doneness – about 145 -155 degrees
  4. Personal pizzas – easy, delicious, fun and fancy
  5. Shish-ka-bobs – chicken, beef, pork, firm fish, shellfish, veggies…mmm
  6. Oh My Gosh! Steak – that’s what you’ll say when you taste it
  7. Farm fresh veggies – basted with olive oil, dusted with salt and pepper and grilled ‘til soft
  8. Turkey burgers – a great beef substitute
  9. Chicken taco-style personal foil packs – hey they might not win a beauty contest but your mouth will applaud
  10. Marinated pineapple spears – oh yes, they work great on the grill

And number 11…drum roll please…Trash Can Turkey – (okay, not really “on the grill” but I think you’ll like it just the same)

What’s your grill specialty? Leave a comment and if you are feeling rather ambition how about a recipe, too??

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  5. John Jackman

    I do a salmon teriyake on a cedar plank on the BBQ that everyone enjoys .
    Serve with rice and a salad and it is a complete meal that is satisfying and dramatic if you bring the smoking plank with the salmon on right to the table and put it on a couple of bricks or stones or pieces of wood so it won’t be directly on top of the table.

  6. Linda Spreen

    Great recipes