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Take an Autumn in New England RV Tour

Fall in New England beckons seductively with the allure of fall colors, but it delivers so much more than just stunning landscapes. The journey is best savored slowly like a fine wine, the pace dictated by the meandering country roads that hint at “nowhere,” but that gently deposit the traveler on a secret golden pond.

The Jewels of Fall Camping (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we looked at the jewels of Fall camping in the north eastern climates.  This week, we will explore the events and attractions found in these areas that only occur in the autumn.  While there are literly hundreds to choose from, we will only touch on several around the country.   So let’s see what and where some

Say Cheese

Once upon a time, the story goes, an Asian nomad filled his goat-stomach carry-all with fresh milk from his goats and set off on a day’s journey, walking so he left no carbon footprint. Upon opening his bag after a long day on the road, to his surprise the milk had turned into a firm