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Good Sam Digital Product Manager and award-winning author Jeremy P Elder explores nature.  A family blog where Elder ventures into the great outdoors with his young daughter and shares his experiences.

Tech Review: Treepod Lounger and Cabana

What is a TreePod? TreePod Hanging Habitats is a Colorado-based company that created an amazing and stylish portable chill space that allows you to literally “hang-out.”  The pods blend together features of a hammock, chairs, and tents all in one awesome product.  This offers space to relax, chill-out, study, read, nap and cuddle up, all

A Dad Outside: Spring Rock Climbing and Hiking at Stoney Point, California

Hello Spring! As I’ve said before,  there is no place with as much accessible nature than Southern California. We have tackled beach camping, an adventurous snow day, and now we welcome Spring.  I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than with a family hiking day. We have had a pretty constant rainfall and/or

A Dad Outside: Snow Day in Angeles Crest, CA

Baby, It’s California Cold Outside As a Wisconsin native myself, I will be the first to admit that Californian’s have absolutely no concept of “cold.”  Typically if someone from California, especially Southern California where I now live and the Good Sam Club HQ is located, tells you “It’s freezing outside!”; that means its somewhere in