Why Our Next President Should Be an RVer

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April 21, 2010

By Brian Brawdy

I’ve spent just about two years now RVing full-time in my Lance Truck Camper. I’ve traveled to 48 states and three Provinces in Canada as well. Most of the TV and radio interviews I participate in, now over 150, I’m usually asked about the “coolest places” I have been. Each time I respond the same way. “It’s not the places I’ve been, but the people I’ve met that have left an indelible mark on me.”

Through the many compliments and a few criticisms, I’ve learned quite a bit. I told the audience at the Mid Atlantic Truck Camper Rally last week that I am a lot smarter now then when I first started “bringing the far away to my own front door.” RVing has taught me a ton. Sadly, I wasn’t all that bright when I first began so, I still have a bunch of catching up to do.

Perhaps my most powerful lesson comes from the common thread and underlying attitude of most RVers; THEY GET IT DONE.

It takes a certain craftiness, a unique creativity to take to the open road, to “handle” whatever comes up, and to adjust your sights along the way. I’ve also learned through countless “fireside focus groups” that RVers would make great government officials. They see a problem, they fix it; there’s not much “running from anything” in you folks. You put your seat belts on, set your gaze and you get there!

I think our Senators, Representatives and even our next President should have some full-time RVing under his/her belt. I don’t much care that McCain travelled and campaigned in one or that President Obama spent a vacation in one how ever long ago. Some in our industry do…they need to get out a little more.

There is a pulse, a certain and definite energy that comes form traveling our country, listening and learning from the people you meet along the way. You don’t get that from a White House, you only get it from living in a house on wheels.

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  2. Patrick W. Tribbey

    Mr. Brawdy, sir, you said a complete mouthful! I agree completely. We have a tag-along and enjoy being able to still travel and able to camp in this great big nation of the United States. At least, while we can. With that I’ll shut up! 🙂
    Patrick 🙂

  3. TallGuy

    Interesting comment from ‘Barbara’. I think she would fit in perfectly with a self-absorbed group. Hope she finds one that is looking for “a new here”, as she writes. That’s indeed a strange language. Perhaps it’s the ancient “Box Wine” language…

    I really appreciated the comments from Brian on this one. I’m sure if the next President were to spend time with real people like Brian did, that the next President would have gained immensely more of an understanding of the bulk of productive Americans and what we expect of our government than if the President had spent the same amount of time as a ‘community organizer’.

  4. Roy

    Barbara what did you say? I’m not sure I can relate your comment to the above article.

  5. Rich Drescher

    You got it right!

    Also the designers of RV’s should be required to live a year in the type they are designing before they’re allowed to turn out a design. It’s an old idea we need to bring back. It’s called Apprenticeship!

  6. Barbara

    You people are so self absorbed…I am a new here and I can’t speak your language either. Does that mean I don’t belong?? Give me a break!

  7. David McCracken

    Excellent article. The people make the ride worthwhile.

  8. Hi Brian,
    This is from Jerry and Mary. Met you at The Rally last year just before we took off for Alaska for the summer.
    Great article and so true. Even what you learn just over the years of summer travel in a motorhome makes a big difference.
    Today, April 21 is the first day of the “rest of our life” going full time in our motorhome. We left our home at noon and at 1pm they put the For Sale sign up in front. We spent the last 2 years on the road for 9 months. After a Alaska we had to answer the big question “why do we own a home if we are not living in it?”
    So, for this year we have put it up for sale and have taken off “full time” in our motorhome. Will give it 5 years and then review what we what to do then. Something tells me we will go for another 5 years after that.

  9. Drew

    Nice post Brian, I echo your feelings…did you know Obama thought cattle guards were people?

  10. Jim G

    You Betcha

  11. Geoffrey Pruett

    At least you know somebody read your post! Have to agree about the people, most of the people we have met RVing are the kind who don’t pass by a mess, they pick it up.
    Probably because they take pride in what they do and the place they live, however temporary it may be.
    We seem to be short on those who do and long on those who tell particularly in public life and elected office.
    Our current city council is a prime example, enough degrees to make the NEA pop buttons, and not a single one who would stop to direct traffic at an accident or could figure out how to check your trailer lights out on sunny day.

  12. Don & Irene Ritchey

    Hi Charles from Haida Gwaii X QCI not often a comment comes so close to home (Terrace BC) been there a number of times in fact my key employee is from there Lee Saunders from Tlell now living near Vernon.
    We travel mainly up to the Yukon and over in Alaska seldom “down south” as we simply love the north

    Our premiers and other elected officials should experience this great country in an RV especially the north

  13. Charles Gee

    Something got me to Canada many, many moons ago – possibly it was providence, but I think it was more the mentality of the British Government. Since then I have lived, camped, canoed, RVd all across this great land every stop was in a PROVINCE!

    Charles from Haida Gwaii (which is not a Province – yet!)

  14. DrDigital

    I am sure it was a typo but Canada has Provinces, not Providences…