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April 21, 2009

As regular viewers of The Long Long Honeymoon know, Kristy and I have an Airstream travel trailer. Airstreams have been in production longer than most of us have been alive. The company was established in 1931.

Although Airstream has dabbled in motorhomes and other RVs, the company is famous for its travel trailers.

What makes ’em different? The most obvious answer is the aluminum skin. The upside of aluminum construction is longevity. It never rusts, and never goes out of fashion. The aircraft inspired construction is aerodynamic and tows like a dream. We get 12 MPG towing our 25-foot Classic, which is one of the heavier models.

But Airstreams have a few quirks, also mostly related to the aluminum exterior. (Hint: When walking atop the roof, DO NOT step upon the aluminum.) And the curved roof construction that tows so well also leads to some compromises in interior space. The interior is more often described as “cozy” than “spacious.”

Fortunately, most of our servicing issues have been minor ones. We’ve had the occasional leak, or the fan that stops blowing, or the door latch that fails. We’ve had tire issues. But for the most part, the thing has been reliable. The air-conditioning has always blown cold, the electricity has always come on, and the plumbing has always plumbed. Like all towables, Airstreams lack a motor — so they also lack all of those engine-related maintenance issues.

From time to time, people interested in Airstreams ask us for shopping advice. For many of us, buying an Airstream isn’t as easy as driving down to your local dealership. That’s because most RV dealerships don’t carry Airstreams. So browsing Airstreams may take a little extra effort. As always, technology helps.

This leads us to one of the great Airstream dealerships, Airstream of Arkansas. This dealership is located in the small town of Searcy, Arkansas. And it’s one of the top performing Airstream dealerships in the entire country. They deliver new Airstreams everywhere, so you can shop with these guys no matter where you live! Personally, I enjoy visiting their site to browse the latest models. Airstream of Arkansas has an excellent website that features the wonderful smörgåsbord of new Airstreams on the lot. Although we love our 25-foot Classic, I must confess we have been sorely tempted by the new models.

If we were buying a new Airstream, our first phone call (or email) would be to Gene Morris at Airstream of Arkansas. Gene is not only extremely knowledgeable, he’s Internet savvy. Better yet, he’s a nice guy and a straight shooter. Tell him Sean & Kristy of The Long Long Honeymoon sent you! If you have any other questions about Airstream shopping, drop me an email at HoneymoonShow

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