On Cloud Nine in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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May 20, 2019

Trailers and vehicles parked along road

Set in the beautiful mountain countryside in western Arkansas, Cloud Nine RV Park is a camper’s delight.  Wide spaces set among pine, cedar and oak trees give you room to spread out and relax.  Spring flowers and fall foliage bring color to this retreat set in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of busy highways.

Summers are perfect for visiting this area. Close by you will find Lakes Catherine, Ouachita, and Hamilton where all manner of water sports are available for your enjoyment.  Perhaps the refreshing thought of skiing or jet skiing riding is in your plan, or maybe the slower pace pontoon boat is more to your liking.  Whatever suits your style, there are plenty of lakes and activities for you to enjoy.

Hot Springs

Cloud Nine RV Park is only minutes away from Hot Springs National Park Bathhouses. Relax in one of the baths that have brought people to this area for years. Bathhouse Row has eight buildings that were built between 1892 and 1923 and designated as a National Landmark in 1987.  The beautiful architecture of the buildings and the landscaped “Grand Promenade” is worth a stroll down the street in front of them.

Visit Hot Springs Mountain Tower and elevate yourself 1,256 feet above sea level, overlooking 140 miles of beautiful Arkansas countryside, including Hot Springs National Park and the Ouachita Mountains. Located atop Hot Springs Mountain.

You can shop the area for souvenirs and that special purchase for memories of a grand vacation for years to come.  The natural hot water that comes from Hot Springs Mountain is safe to drink and many people fill containers to take home with them.

Open All Year

Cloud Nine RV Park is open all year, so if you want to spend your winters away from the frigid temperatures of the north you will find the welcome mat open for the snowbirds that still loves the four seasons.

Trailers parked in dirt spots

Enjoy wide open spaces / Photo: Cloud Nine RV Park

So, go to Cloud Nine RV Park and enjoy the local fairs, activities and beauty of Central Arkansas.  Set in the rockers on the deck of our gathering room, play a game of pool or enjoy the outdoors hiking our walking trails.  Free WiFi, cable TV and an exercise room provided to make your stay enjoyable.


Cloud Nine RV Park is ready for you, so give them a call at: (501) 262-1996.  Reservations are available online.

There are lots of activities available / Photo: Cloud Nine RV Park

Cloud 9 RV Park

136 Cloud 9 Dr.

Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901