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Sequoyah's Cabin

On a back road in eastern Oklahoma a small state park preserves the cabin of one of the most influential Native Americans of all time. Little accurate information is available concerning the life of Sequoyah, sometimes known as George Gist or Guess. He was born in the 1760s or 1770s, probably in Tennessee, and was

Fort Smith Trolley Museum

Before the advent of buses and subway systems, streetcars were the earliest means of mass transportation in most American cities. From the late 1800s through the 1930s, trolleys, as they were affectionately called, carried shoppers and commuters downtown and back home again along steel rails embedded in the roadways, powered by overhead lines. Even today,

VIDEO: Interested in Airstreams?

As regular viewers of The Long Long Honeymoon know, Kristy and I have an Airstream travel trailer. Airstreams have been in production longer than most of us have been alive. The company was established in 1931. Although Airstream has dabbled in motorhomes and other RVs, the company is famous for its travel trailers. What makes