VIDEO: Gear to Get with Brian Brawdy – Smart Drain by Thetford

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September 15, 2009

by Brian Brawdy

In this episode of Gear to Get, I take a look at one of the most necessary, yet unexciting aspects of RVing; how to focus on dumping your black and gray water tanks in a safe and sanitary way.

When we get to a dump station, we need to be able to count on our gear, and a dependable hose is just one piece of the larger puzzle.

[youtube i0ttZUr3AXk]

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  1. bruce

    When I click for the video no video is available but the comments are. I’ve seen this before also where a text article will not appear but comments will. Doesn’t happen all the time. Any ideas?

  2. Drew, Extensions are sold separately. Part #17730 & is available from most RV retailers!
    Thanks, Brian

  3. Tireman9

    Thanks for the info.
    How about a comment on the RV manufacturers that angle the valves on our tanks down at 45° angle rather than sideways.
    I think this angle contributes to sticky and clogged tank valves.
    My Class-C is 18 months old and I already had to replace the original black tank valve once and the replacement is getting almost impossible to open.

  4. Ty, I’m glad you enjoyed the video! The Smart Drain is available at Camping World, and enjoy your last weekend!

  5. Drew, I am looking into your request!

  6. Ty

    Wow, great video! i think i need one of those next spring. after this weekend it’s storage time. is this available at camping world?

  7. Drew


    Can you get an extention hose for this? I camp where you need 25 to 30′ of hose.