If “April Showers bring May Flowers” then “The Heat of Summer brings more than Thunder.”

Summer brings violent weather. Period. Thunderstorms, lightning strikes, hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves and flash flooding are the prices we pay for warm, sunny days. What turns violent weather deadly, most times, is when it catches us unexpectedly. When we are unaware of a forecasted storm, our chances of weathering that storm diminish greatly.

Unfortunately, summertime is, most likely, the time we will be out and about, vacationing, traveling, RVing, boating, cycling and away from our normal shelters and weather media outlets.

Getting caught off guard while your on the road is never smart. Away and unaware is the perfect recipe for misfortune.

One of the pieces of gear I always carry with with me is either my Solarlink FR360 or the Microlink FR150 from the Eton Corporation. These portable, powerful AM/FM/NOAA Weather radios are the perfect solution to getting caught with your guard down. It’s the “smartest” radio I know. My “bad-weather-crystal-ball” I like to say.

In this short video you will learn why it is one of my Top Ten pieces of gear and how to never again worry about the impromptu characteristics of Mother Nature.

[youtube 8PLysrksp68]

For more information on the products highlighted in this video, visit EtonCorp.com or CampingWorld.com


To learn more about summer survival tips, visit BrianBrawdy.com

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