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July 21, 2014

ActionLineGerald & Laura Thorsell of Lacey Washington, were excited when they purchased their 2013 Forest River Vengeance from Fife RV Center in February 2014. However, that excited quickly waned when 3 months later they were still having problems getting answers on several items.


We purchased a 2013 Forest River Vengeance 306V toy hauler from Fife RV Center in Fife/Gig Harbor, WA in the beginning of February 2014.  As of May 1, 2014 we still have not gotten answers or results on 3 items.

  1.  Warranty paperwork
  2. Actual Price of Warranty
  3. Replacement of missing external speakers.

We were given no paperwork from Fife RV on the extended warranty that we purchased and have no proof that we even have a warranty.  We have asked many times and we are still getting the run around.  We also can NOT find out exactly what we paid for the warranty and each time we ask, the run around continues.  Now, it seems, when we call them, the last person we were dealing with has left the company or has been fired.  We are also missing a pair of external Bose speakers that were in the trailer when we looked at it and when we went to pick up the rig, the external speakers were missing and no one knows anything.  We had to fight with them to get everything put back on the trailer that was removed due to thefts in the RV lot.

After petitioning Fife RV Center on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Thorsell, Action Line received the following letter from Anthony Carl, Controller at Fife RV:

We are in receipt of your letter dated May 6th 2014 regarding Mr. and Mrs. Thorsell and their dispute with our company.  We have been in contact with them and have resolved two of the three issues they had; the warranty paperwork and the price of the warranty.  We have ordered the speakers and will contact the Thorsell’s as soon as they arrive at our dealership.  If they have any further questions or concerns they can contact our finance department or our service department.

Anthony J. Carl


Fife RV Center

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