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July 21, 2014

GSTravelMedicalIns_REDNOTAGJust days before Judy and Abe were scheduled to return home from a trip to Florida, Judy came down with what they thought was really bad food poisoning. Worried, Abe called the paramedics. That turned out to be the right thing to do as her blood pressure had dropped very low and at one point, Judy ended up losing consciousness.

The paramedics took Judy to a nearby hospital where she learned she had a severe stomach bug. After being given IV treatment, along with a prescription for antibiotics and anti-nausea pills, Judy was on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile, Abe had called TIC*, who reassured him that they would do everything they could to help. TIC stayed in regular contact with the hospital looking after Judy. The company also arranged to have the $4,938 USD in bills for her care sent directly to them. Knowing these expenses would be taken care of, the couple was really glad they had travel medical insurance.

On the phone with TIC, Judy said, “It was such a scary experience – I never thought something like this would happen during my vacation, especially because I would only be gone for a few days. We’ll never travel without travel medical insurance again.”

emergencyGood Sam travel medical plan features and benefits

  • An unlimited number of 2-day trips per year
  • Up to $2 million in travel medical insurance
  • 24/7 multi-lingual emergency travel and medical assistance
  • Transportation home for medical emergencies

Also available:

  • Trip interruption and cancellation protection
  • Coverage for some pre-existing conditions
  • Lost and damaged baggage coverage
  • Higher coverage limits

 To activate your 2-days of complementary coverage or to arrange top-up coverage, call 1-855-723-5412.

For more information, visit

*Your complimentary Good Sam travel medical insurance is administered by TIC Travel Insurance, a company that stands out with its 92 per cent overall customer satisfaction ratings and expert, personalized customer service.

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