Tybee Island to Hit the Big Screen

Are you ready for Tybee Island to hit the big screen?

Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean off Georgia’s coast, beautiful Tybee Island has enticed visitors for generations. Recently, Hollywood came calling: The cast and crew of the upcoming Baywatch movie descended on the island’s beaches to take advantage of the shore’s scenic setting. Starring Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. “The Rock”) and Zach Efron, the film will follow the exploits of a life guard crew protecting bathers from rip tides, dangerous waves and a villainess named Victoria Leeds.

Tybee Island to Hit the Big Screen

Historic Tybee Island Light Station.

Don’t wait for 2017 theatrical release of the movie to experience Tybee Island. Visit Tybee firsthand and discover real-life adventures like a historic lighthouse, a Civil War-era fort, fantastic water sports and fascinating natural attractions.

River’s End Campground is a fantastic home base for exploring it all. Located close to all of the island’s attractions, the park offers a swimming pool, pavilion and rec hall. Adding to the convenience is Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and 75 full-hookup sites. The park sits within walking distance to the beach and only 16 miles from historic Savannah on the mainland.

During your visit, check out the following attractions:

Tybee Lighthouse & Museum
Ordered by General James Oglethorpe, governor of the 13th colony, the Tybee Island Light Station has been guiding mariner’s safe entrance into the Savannah River for more than 270 years. Rebuilt several times, the current light station displays its 1916 day mark with 178 stairs and a 9-foot-tall Fresnel lens.

Tybee Island to Hit the Big Screen

Fort Pulaski’s battlements have stood the test of time.

Fort Pulaski National Monument—A Turning Point in Military History.
For much of the 19th century, masonry fortifications were the United States’ main defense. During the Civil War, new technology proved its superiority to these forts. The Union army used rifled cannon and compelled the Confederate garrison inside Fort Pulaski to surrender. The siege was a landmark experiment in the history of military science and invention.

Tybee Island Marine Science Center—Walks, Talks & Treks
Check out Beach Walk-North & Beach Walk-South. Join a marine science educator on a guided walk on Tybee’s North and South beach. Learn about the dynamics of the barrier islands of Georgia, the importance of the intertidal zone, the forces behind tides and waves and sand dunes.

Identify the wildlife that lives in and around the ocean and discuss the impact of marine debris and shoreline development.

Coastal Georgia Gallery
Designed and built by staff, this little gallery overflows with information and exhibits on the flora, fauna and habitats indigenous to the Georgia coast.

Jelly Jive
An interactive presentation of these ancient creatures. The fascinating life cycle, anatomy and adaptations of local and worldwide species are discussed.

 Marsh Trek
Trek through Georgia’s salt marsh to explore in the mud for fiddler crabs, snails and more. Examine salty grasses, observe soaring marsh birds, and hold periwinkle snails.

Sift & Seine
Discover the marine life of the intertidal zone through seining. Pull a ten-foot seine net through waist deep water to catch, examine, and release marine life.

Shark Jaw
Dive into the mysterious lives of sharks. Presented through dynamic images and artifacts, discover their complexities and learn about sharks’ adaptations.

Turtle Talk
An introduction to sea turtles. Learn about anatomy and natural adaptations, then stroll on the beach to review nesting habitat, excavate a mock nest, and discuss Tybee’s conservation efforts.

Whale Tale
Learn about the fascinating, yet precarious, North Atlantic right whale. Journey through the lifecycle of the right whale beginning off the Georgia coast, their calving grounds.

Tybee Pier & Pavilion
Full Concession & Handicap Accessible

Tybee Island is ready for its closeup. Are you ready to have fun on the beach?

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