RV Tech Tips: Preventing Water Damage

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July 20, 2016

Preventing Water Damage

Use this simple tip when it comes to preventing water damage.

My wife and I recently experienced our first flood in the bathroom. I was watching TV when I noticed water seeping under the bathroom door. The culprit was the water-supply line to the commode blowing a seal. The bigger problem was that most of the water flowed into the heat register on the floor of the bathroom, which could have caused extensive damage and repair.

To prevent this, I purchased a 2 x 4-inch PVC adapter and a tube of bathroom adhesive caulk. I put a heavy bead of caulk around the register and secured the PVC adapter around the register, ensuring that no more water would make its way into the ducts.

Billy Mitchell, Simpsonville, South Carolina

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  1. Anonymous

    One important( and useful) addition. Using ” shark bite” fittings available at most hardware stores, add a water supply line shutoff valve. If nothing else it makes cleaning the toilet easier, but has also helped me out several times, one for every sink also.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s fine if you have round register on floor, which I have never seen before, I have one vent in my bathroom on the wall which is both heating and cooling.

  3. Anonymous

    Changing the water valves on a regular basis (2yrs, 5yrs…..) gives me more peace of mind than a “fix” no matter how ingenious!!

    It’s called preventative maintenance.

  4. Anonymous

    it could have been due to too much water pressure, you should be using a pressure regulator on your water supply hose. i use an adjustable one and set it at 45 lbs, when someone wants to take a shower i move it to 60 lbs and when they are done move it back to 45 lbs

  5. Anonymous

    I am confused. The tip said a 2″ x 4″ adapter but it shows a round item. Also I don’t understand how a floor vent is so small.

  6. Anonymous

    Great info. For those of us who don’t have a clue about repair work. A simple diagram of the area involved would be nice. Thanks again for the info.

  7. Anonymous

    That’s fine if you have a circular supply vent. Ours is rectangular.

  8. Anonymous

    Great idea – works for me! Too bad it doesn’t work for everyone.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Anonymous

    sorry, the water going down the heater duct under the coach, where it can drain out, in most cases will do less damage then tripping over that “addition” to the floor.

  10. Anonymous

    So now you have something to trip over

  11. Anonymous

    Great idea, thak you for the information.
    Deborah Pinching, Carlsbad, New Mexico

  12. Anonymous

    This sounds like a great idea as long as your heat register is located where this device is out of a traffic lane. In my case it is located just inside the door to our bedroom. Our case would be better served by changing the seal annually to reduce chances of failure.

  13. Anonymous

    I hate to question this, but if this is a permanent fix it must be under something or I would trip all the time.

  14. Anonymous

    I like this idea and am glad it works for this person. However, our floor register is right out in the middle of the bathroom floor and is rectangular. This would not work for me, unfortunately.