What Travel Medical Insurance Did For Us

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June 30, 2014

emergencyMy husband and I have a pretty good understanding of what our Good Sam Travel Medical Insurance could do for us, but the benefits really hit home when our camping trip suddenly took an unexpected turn.

“Everything happened so fast. One minute Tom was chopping firewood, the next he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. When the doctors told me he’d had a brain haemorrhage I immediately called TIC* using the number on the back of our Good Sam Travel Medical Insurance Card.

From then, I didn’t have to worry about anything. After Tom arrived at the local hospital, TIC arranged an air ambulance to transfer Tom to one at home, and a doctor to treat him when he arrived. About 24 hours later, he was on his way to continuing his treatment there. Thanks to TIC, my husband was pre-cleared for customs by the time we reached the airport. Not having to stop long at the border really helped get Tom to the hospital at home that much faster.

While I was with my husband, I also had to think about how my daughter and her friend would get home if I went with him. TIC was there for us again, offering to help make sure the kids, my truck and trailer got back safely if needed. Knowing they would do that made it a lot easier to board the plane when the time came.

When we landed, the air ambulance company didn’t just drop Tom off in the emergency room – they took him straight to his hospital bed so he could start his treatment right away. Now that’s what I call looking after a patient.

Tom is now recovering at home. In the meantime, TIC is dealing with the hospital directly to handle the bills from his hospital stay and treatment. With them handling it, we can be more focused on Tom, rather than getting involved with payment details.

Having TIC take charge during critical moments has been a huge weight off my shoulders. I can’t say enough about how they’re taking care of almost everything, or about their calm, caring approach during this whole process. Travel insurance means so much more to us after our experience. The next time we travel, we’ll make sure we’re covered so that if something like this happens again, we’ll have TIC doing for us what they do best.

Activate your Good Sam Travel Medical Insurance

Your Good Sam membership includes travel medical insurance for an unlimited number of 2-day trips a year when crossing the U.S.-Canadian border. This gives you 24/7 access to emergency medical care while you’re travelling plus the financial protection from the costs associated with that care. If you’re spending more than 2 days away you can extend your coverage for a small fee.

Plan features and benefits:

  • Coverage for emergency hospital and medical care
  • 24/7 multi-lingual emergency travel and medical assistance
  • Transportation home for medical emergencies
  • Emergency dental coverage
  • Access to medical professionals

Also available:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption protection
  • Lost and damaged baggage coverage

*Your complimentary Good Sam travel medical insurance is administered by TIC Travel Insurance, a company that stands out with its 88% overall customer satisfaction ratings and expert, personalized customer service.

To activate your 2-days of complementary coverage or to arrange top-up coverage, call 1-855-723-5412.

For more information, visit http://www.goodsamclub.com/benefits-services/insurance.aspx.


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