When searching for a place to park our camper for a week or a night, one important consideration for our family was always whether or not the RV park had a pool. All of our children are avid swimmers and nothing alleviates the stress of a day or several on the road like a dip in the pool.

In previous posts, I have discussed how to use the Good Sam Camping Website and the Good Sam Smartphone App to find RV parks with pools in your destination area. These tools not only tell you whether a park has a pool (and other amenities) they will also provide you with Good Sam ratings for these parks when they are available, enabling you to choose just the park that will meet your needs for the time of your stay.

Pool at Boston Minuteman Campground

In this post, I would like to profile two parks at which we have spent time and thoroughly enjoyed a terrific swimming experience. The first of these was on a two week trip to the east coast. We spend four nights in the Boston Minuteman Campground located just outside of Boston in Littleton, MA. With Good Sam Ratings of 9 (Facility), 10* (Restrooms) and 10 (Appeal), this park was one of the best we have seen.

Their pool area was inviting and conveniently located and provided some much needed respite after days on the road or hours spent touring the Boston area.

The second pool I would like to profile is located at the Holiday RV Park & Campground in North Platte, NE. When we were living in Wisconsin and traveling out to the western part of the country Pool at Holiday RV Parkevery summer, we made this our regular first and last night stop. The first night would begin after 14 hours on the road and as soon as the camper was set up, Terry and the kids would head for the pool while I made dinner. This gave me some room to move around while they went for a refreshing swim.

This pool benefited every member of our family in more ways than I can say. It also provided a relaxing “final vacation night” as our last stop before the final push home at the end of our trip. Receiving Good Sam Ratings of 8.5, 9* and 9.5, I highly recommend this park as a destination point in the middle of the country.

But even if you are traveling somewhere other than the Boston area or the middle of Nebraska, Good Sam makes it easy to find RV parks with pools. Happy travels!

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