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February 27, 2011

By Betty Abramson

Dear Action Line,

In September of 2010, while staying in Norcross, GA, we had a problem with our windshield wipers and called Charlie’s Mobile Auto Repair of Holly Springs, GA on the recommendation of a technician who had done great work for us in the past. Joe, the technician who came to our site, got the wipers working and said we needed a new battery, a water pump and work done on the hydraulic pump. When he called ESP (our Good Sam extended warranty) he said they authorized a payment to us of $984.78 for the parts and labor.

When he returned a few days later to do the work he said the water pump cost more than he had allowed for and that he didn’t need to do the hydraulic work after all. When he finished and presented the bill to us for payment we questioned the way he wrote it. He said it would even out and that, since it was late in the day, if we would pay him he would correct the bill before sending it to ESP. We know now that trusting him was a big mistake and would never do it again. But, thinking he was honest, we paid him a check for $1186.62.

We have spoken to him numerous times but he has not done what he said he would. When he resubmitted the bill to ESP he just added the higher cost of the water pump -he did not delete the hydraulic work that he didn’t do. We have received the money due from ESP but no refund of our overpayment to Charlie’s. We don’t even know how much he owes us because he has never sent us a corrected bill.

We also want to warn RVers to be VERY CAREFUL who you deal with when having repairs done. We feel we have been fortunate that in ten years of RVing this is the first problem we have had.

Bill and Joy Mailhiot

Crestview, FL


Happy to tell you that, after writing to you and calling the owner of the company, we received a check from them for what we overpaid. We learned a lot from this experience and appreciate your help.

Bill & Joy Mailhiot

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