The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge 5 is again focusing on destination attractions. Many you have probably heard of, but do you know where they are located?  Well, we are about to find out.  Get a pencil and paper so that you can record your answers as you go through it.  You will then be able to check your answers against those displayed at the very bottom.  Be sure to share your score and any other comments you may have in the comments section following the answers.

So, let’s get at it!

1) If you were driving or pulling your trailer over the longest causeway bridge in North America, what body of water would you be crossing?

  • A) Lake Ponchartrain
  • B) San Francisco Bay
  • C) Florida Bay in the Florida Keys
  • D) Tampa Bay
  • E) The North Humberland Strait

2) Your non-turbo charged RV or tow vehicle is running strong.  This is due to the elevation pressure at your location.  You are driving at an elevation of minus 282 feet.  Where are you?

  • A) New Orleans
  • B) The Grand Canyon, Flagstaff
  • C) Death Valley
  • D) The Niagara Gorge

3) With the rainy season beating on your RV roof, you pass the time playing Monopoly with friends.  Though Parker Brothers bought the rights well after its invention, where then were the street names derived from?

  • A) New York City
  • B) Atlantic City
  • C) Las Vegas
  • D) Boston
  • E) Atlanta

4) A popular RV destination is the famous Alamo, the site of the famous battle in 1836.  In what city would you have to go to see this?

  • A) San Antonio, Texas
  • B) Cludad Juarez, Mexico
  • C) El Paso, Texas
  • D) Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • E) Brownsville, Texas


5) You are driving or towing your RV across the London Bridge in North America.  It was dismantled in England and brought to the continent in 1968 and re-assembled by 1971.  Where are you?

  • A) Las Vegas, Nevada
  • B) Reno, Nevada
  • C) New York City, New York
  • D) Los Angeles, California
  • E) Lake Havasu, Arizona

sl6) Looking at the photo to the left, what city are you in?

  • A) Boston
  • B) New York
  • C) Salt Lake City
  • D) St. Louis
  • E) New Orleans

7) If you wanted to tour the oldest continually settled city in the continental U.S., where would you be headed to?

  • A) St. Augustine
  • B) Boston
  • C) Charleston
  • D) Savannah
  • E) Key West

8) Zion National Park is a great summer destination for RV’s of all sizes.  What state would you be travelling to if that was your destination?

  • A) Nevada
  • B) Oregon
  • C) Utah
  • D) Washington
  • E) Colorado

9) What highway, partially made famous by an early TV series, crosses the U.S. and has a nostalgic theme?

  • A) U.S. 1
  • B) U.S. 1A1
  • C) Route 68
  • D) Route 66
  • E) U.S. Transcontinental Highway

10) If you were driving or towing your RV on the highest elevation of an interstate highway, where would you be?

  • A) The Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel on I70 Clear Creek, Colorado
  • B) Donner Pass on I80, California
  • C) Vail Pass on I70 west of Denver Colorado
  • D) Cove Fort I15 near Breckenridge, Colorado

That’s it! So, how did you score?  You can check your answers against those found below.  Don’t forget to post your results in the comments section at the very bottom.

Answers:  Below

1) – (A) The bridge over Lake Pontchartrain is not only the longest in North America but also the longest bridge over water in the world.

2) – (C) Death Valley in California is the lowest elevation in North America.

3) – (B) After Parker Brothers bought the rights to the Monopoly game the street names were fashioned after Atlantic City, New Jersey.

4) – (A) The famous Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas.

5) – (E) The original London Bridge was reconstructed in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

6) – D) St. Louis with the Gateway Arch prominently showing in the picture.

7) – (A) St. Augustine, Florida was first settled in 1565 by the Spanish.

8) – (C) Zion National Park is in Utah about 85 miles from Bryce Canyon Park, another very popular destination.

9) – (D) Route 66

10) – The Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel on I70 is the highest point on any U.S. interstate highway at 11,158 (West bound) and 11,012(East bound) above sea level

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  1. Avatar


    10 for 10. Been there, done that. Wow! This is a cool lifestyle. I bet we are not the only ones, too.

  2. Avatar


    The alpha character answer for question #9 doesn’t match up. The correct answer is Route 66, but that is answer D, not answer A. At least, that’s the way it is on my computer.

  3. Avatar


    Need to get out more, West that is. 7 out 10

  4. Avatar

    Well, I got 3 wrong. I guess I need to do more traveling.


  5. Avatar

    Jim, Great score! Thanks for sharing that with us and for your input.

  6. Avatar

    Richard, You are correct and I have made the needed change. Thank you for pointing out the error and for your valued input.

  7. Avatar

    David Hopkins

    9 outta 10. Missed the Eisenhower Tunnel question. Don’t recall ever being there. Been to all the others so it was kinda easy.

  8. Avatar

    Dan, 70% is not a bad score. Thanks for posting.

  9. Avatar

    Pam Evans

    9 outof 10 – I missed the Eisenhower Tunnel and we’ve been through there several times.

  10. Avatar

    Richard, 3 wrong is still 70% right. That score is not bad. Thanks for posting your score and the input.

  11. Avatar

    David Hopkins, Sounds like you are well travelled. The Eisenhower Tunnel was a tough one. Thank you for your input.

  12. Avatar

    Dennis n Debi

    10 outta 10…too easy….:-)

  13. Avatar

    Pam Evans, Good score. I guess even though people have been to the Eisenhower Tunnel, does not mean they are aware of its elevation. Thanks for the input and for posting your score.

  14. Avatar

    Dennis n Debi, No, not easy, your just very smart. Thanks for posting your excellent score.

  15. Avatar

    Larry Archambeau

    I hate to be a smart a**, but based on your picture for question 6, I believe I’d really be in East St. Louis, Illinois.

    10 for 10, however, and I’ve only ever been to one of the correct answer places in my life. That would be St. Augustine. I guess I have some travelling to do, yet. Gotta get hopping.

  16. Avatar

    Larry Archambeau, Yes it would appear the photo is taken from the west, thereby possibly from Illinois. But, the question really tailors itself to “name the city”, which of course, is St. Louis. Thanks for pointing that out and for your participation.

  17. Avatar

    Ellen F

    10 for 10, but haven’t been there or done that–just good at geography and trivia

  18. Avatar


    Ellen F, You must be real good in geography to get all 10 right. Congratulations. Thanks for your great effort and posting it.

  19. Avatar


    Missed two: Lake Ponchartrain (my head was telling me 7-mile bridge in the Keys), and hadn’t a clue about Death Valley’s elevation.

  20. Avatar


    7 out of ten with one very embarassing one. I have lived in Silverthorne, Colorado for twenty years, between the Eisonhower Tunnel and Vail Pass, and I got 10 wrong! For twenty years, I thought Vail Pass was higher. When we leave home, our motorhome knows it has a little work to do immediately before it can relax a little.

  21. Avatar


    I believe # 6 should be – East St. Louis. You’re looking west toward St. Louis.

  22. Avatar


    Maggie, Yes I thought some would think of the 7 mile bridge in the Keys. Only missing two is very good. Congratulations on 80%. Thanks for sharing your score and for your input.

  23. Avatar


    BARRY ENGLEMAN, Well sometimes we don’t pay much attention to things near home. Seven is a good score anyway. Thanks for your input.

  24. Avatar


    Ken, Let’s call it greater St. Louis. Thanks for the input.

  25. Avatar

    David Campbell

    Too easy – no sweat 10 for 10

  26. Avatar


    David Campbell, Another top score, but really, it is not that easy for many. Thanks for your input.

  27. Avatar


    9 out’o 10

  28. Avatar

    Curt, Great score. I wonder which one you missed. My guess would be the Eisenhower Tunnel question. Thanks for posting your score.

  29. Avatar


    10/10 Just got back from Death Valley (Bad Water) second trip

  30. Avatar

    virginia1942, Still another perfect score. Good going. I am still surprised so many knew the answer to the highest interstate. Thanks for posting your score and for your input.

  31. Avatar


    Got 10 out of 10. Been to all except Atlantic City.

  32. Avatar

    Barbara Kirkhart Palmer

    9 of 10 – missed the longest causeway bridge (I thought it was in the Keys, as well – but I’ve been there, and never crossed Ponchartrain).

  33. Avatar

    Jim Headrick

    10/10. Have been to all of them and ya’ gotta love this country and lifestyle

  34. Avatar


    8 out of 10: goofed on the first and … you guessed it … the last one. As Ellen F put it: fairly good at geography and trivia even though didn’t do all of that and haven’t been to all those places … … yet ! Very good quizz!

  35. Avatar


    10 out of 10, not bad for a canadian

  36. Avatar


    10 for 10. Have been to all of them.

  37. Avatar

    Michael Wader

    Missed the first and the last. Thought it was a very good quiz and am looking forward to the next one.

  38. Avatar

    Pam, You are well travelled. Great score. Thanks for posting and your input.

  39. Avatar

    Barbara Kirkhart, 90% is not too shabby. You fell for the Keys also. Good score, and thanks for posting it.

  40. Avatar

    Jim Headrick, Great going. I’m surprised so many did so well. Obviously you had a good chance as you have travelled to all. Thanks for participating and posting your great score.

  41. Avatar

    PeteB, The first and last were probably the toughest questions, so don’t feel bad. 80% is still a good score, especially considering you had not been to any.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the trivia. Thanks for the input.

  42. Avatar

    francis44, Good going eh! Another 100% score. Thanks for posting and for your input.

  43. Avatar

    larry9824, Wow, still more with 100%, and well travelled too. Thanks for posting your great score.

  44. Avatar

    Michael Wader, Again a good indicatioin that the first and the last question were probably the hardest. You still managed a good score. Glad you enjoyed it, and yes there will be more in the future. Thank you for your input and participation.

  45. Avatar

    Moose&Squirrel East

    Best Trivia yet! 9 0f 10, thought New Orleans was submerged.

  46. Avatar


    10/10 – made me start dreaming about going to New Orleans, or the Keys, or Colorado, or ….. love having my RV!

  47. Avatar

    Bob Love

    Fun quiz. I take exception to substituting ‘smart’ for ‘knowledgeable’ — they are very different! (Response to D & D) However, it may apply to me after missing Utah, since I had to purchase wine out-of-state on four different trips to have a picnic dinner for my groups at Zion. 8 for 10 with that goof and the highest point.

  48. Avatar

    Moose&Squirrel East, Glad you liked this month trivia. 90% is real good. New Orleans is alive and well, and getting stronger. Thanks for posting your score and for your positive input.

  49. Avatar

    nushagak, Stop dreaming and get that RV rolling. Great score! Thanks for the participation and input.

  50. Avatar

    Bob Love, Glad you enjoyed this months trivia game. 80% is not a bad score at all. Zion is a beutiful place to holiday. Thank you for posting your score and for participating in the trivia.