The RV Trivia 4 – Destinations and Attractions

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June 25, 2009

motorhome-picThe Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge 4 is focused on destination attractions.  Many you have probably heard of, but do you know where they are located?  Well, we are about to find out.  Get a pencil and paper so that you can record your answers as you go through it.  You will then be able to check your answers against those displayed at the very bottom.  Be sure to share your score and any other comments you may have in the comments section following the answers.

So, give it a go!  Happy Travelling.


1) If you wanted to RV to an area, in North America, where you might be able to see crocodiles in the wild, where would you go?

  • A) South California
  • B) South Florida
  • C) There are no crocodiles in North America


2) If you were at Dollywood, what town would you be in?

  • A) Los Angeles, California
  • B) Las Vegas, Nevada
  • C) Branson, Missouri
  • D) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

3) If you were at the “Four Corners”, which states would you have to be in?

  • A) Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico or Utah
  • B) Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico or Colorado
  • C) Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama
  • D) California, Nevada or Arizona

4) Travelling and camping in the Cabot Trail requires you to get to what Province in Canada?

  • A) Ontario
  • B) Quebec
  • C) British Columbia
  • D) Nova Scotia
  • E) New Brunswick

5)   No vehicle over 21 feet long is allowed on this scenic mountain road called Going-To-The-Sun Road.  This is a toad road for many of us.  Where is this famous road?

  • A) Whistler, British Columbia
  • B) Glacier National Park, Montana
  • C) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • D) Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

6)     This is supposedly the best place in the U.S. to see “The Green Flash” during sunset.  If you were there, you would be at Mallory Square.  What city would you be in?

  • A) Malibu Beach, California
  • B) St. Pete’s Beach, Florida
  • C) Key West, Florida
  • D) San Francisco, California

7)     If you were visiting the House of Green Gables, that Lucy Maud Montgomery had written about, where would you be?

  • A) Cavendish, P.E.I Canada
  • B) Branson, Missouri
  • C) Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • D) Kingston, Ontario Canada

site8)     The photo (Shown on the left) has attracted campers and RV’ers to the area for decades.  There are many fine campgrounds at, and throughout this area.  What is the name of this attraction and its location?

  • A) Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona
  • B) Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming
  • C) Mount Rushmore, New Mexico
  • D) Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

9) One of the largest exhibition, festival and rodeos in Canada, termed the “Stampede” is held once a year in what City?

  • A) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • B) Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • C) Edmonton, Alberta
  • D) Victoria, British Columbia

•10) For our RV travelers that just love to shop.  Where would you have to travel to visit the largest indoor shopping mall in North America?

  • A) Mall of America, Bloomington Minnesota
  • B) South Coast Plaza, Mesa California
  • C) The West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
  • D) The Galleria, Houston Texas

Answers – Below


1- (B) Though doubtful you would ever see one due to their shy nature, the American crocodile can be found in southern Florida.

2- (D) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

3- (A) The four corners are made up of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

4-(D) The famous Cabot Trail is located in the northeastern end of Nova Scotia

5-(B) Going-To -The-Sun Road is a top rated 32 mile scenic drive located in Glacier Park, in Montana

6-(C) Mallory Square, the reported to be the best place to see the “Green Flash” in the U.S and is located in the harbor waterfront area of Key West, Florida

7-(A) Cavendish, Prince Edward Island in Canada is the correct answer. 

8-(D) Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota.  The area offers many fine campgrounds, hotels and related services.

9-(B) Each year, usually in early July, Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede. 

10-(C) The West Edmonton Mall is by far the largest mall in North America, out pacing the America Mall’s 522 stores by nearly 300.  With over 800 stores it also boasts of 3.8 million square feet, over a million more than any other.  It is a great destination and offers far more than just shopping. 

So, how did you do?  Let’s see your score.   Enter your score and comments in the comments section below

With The Quizzing Questions  –   Lug_Nut   –   Peter Mercer



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  2. Home run! Great sggluing with that answer!

  3. Rosemary, 10 out of 10! Excellent score. Thanks for posting and for your input.

  4. Rosemary

    Got all 10 correct – but we have been full-timing for 7 years. Can’t believe all we have done. This certainly points it out!.

  5. Sophie, Great going. It sure helps if you have travelled to some of the locations. Thanks for posting your excellent score and for your input.

  6. Sophie

    I got all 10 correct. I have been to all but Glacier NP and the Stampede although I have been to Calgary

  7. Don, 7 out of 10 is not a bad score. Yes, spotting a croc in south Florida may be difficult, but, they are there. Thanks for posting your score and for your input.

  8. Don

    I got 7 out of 10. I thought should have been (C). It would be near impossible to find a Crocodile in Florida.

  9. Hey John, Your the man! 10 right, alright. Good going. A Harley would sure be better than a motor home on the Going To The Sun Road. Sounds like you have been there a time or two. Thanks for sharing your top score with us and for your great regular input.

  10. John

    Hi Lug_Nut,
    Got all ten right. Took a guess on # 2 & 6 though. I drove the Road to the Sun Hwy years ago on the Harley, they had just opened the road and was still a lot of snow banks that were melting fast with the heat. Sure is beautiful in that area. Going to be doing a lot more camping in that part of MT., ID.,BC., and WA. People are great too. Well worth the effort!

  11. Suzanne Griffin, The Croc question got many. Nine right! That’s a great score. I can not believe how many people did so well. They are either pretty smart or good liars. Thanks for posting your score and for your input.

  12. Suzanne Griffin

    I got 9 correct. We’ve visited some, researched others for trips, and now plan on visiting others. The one I missed was #1; I, too, was taught that there are no crocs, except the shoes, in North America.

  13. Judy, Eight is not too shabby. I think the crocodile question fooled many. Good going with 8 right, I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz. Thank you for your participation and for posting your very good score.

  14. Judy

    Good Morning, what a great idea to get the noggin workin !!
    I got eight right.
    The two I missed:
    the first one was #1, which I thought was a trick question. My dad (God rest his soul) told us kids MANY years ago that there were NO crocodiles in No. America
    ((( and, we all know dad could not be wrong )))
    #10, what the heck ??? Are you sure ???? just kidding !! I always thought the good ole USA had the biggest and best Mall ~~ and, I LOVE to shop 🙂
    Thanks for the wake-up call. Hubby and I have not yet been to Canada so now I (whoops, I mean WE) have ANOTHER reason to visit there.
    Thanks for this quiz…

  15. Tulirose, I don’t know how bad 50% really is here. It well could be average, though it seems those that scored high are the major group that is sharing their score. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for posting your score and for your comments.

  16. Tulirose

    I got five right and five wrong.
    Missed every single one of those Canadian -related questions and obviously a couple of others! LOL
    It was fun though and I learned some things. Thanks 😀

  17. Pam, If you have been to 7 of them, you are a ringer at this. Good going on getting all correct. Yes, on a bike you would really see them, but an RV is far more comfortable. Thanks for posting your great score and for your input.

  18. Pam

    Got all ten correct and have been to 7 of them. Have not made it to Calvery stampede or Dollywood. Actually all were on my Gold Wing Motorcycle. Now we full time RV so we can slow down and really enjoy each one.

  19. John Jackman, You are right about western Canada. The scenery is pretty hard to beat. I’m also a Canadian and just returned the week before last from Vancouver to Ontario via Jasper. I’ve done it a number of times and it just never gets old. Thanks for your input and score.

  20. John Jackman

    Got 7 right , am Canadian and missed some of the US question but I have been to South Florida a couple of times…. Western Canada is truly spectacular and the best way to do it is by RV .

  21. BARRY ENGLEMAN, I like your way of thinking. A bad day RVing still beats a good day at work. Thanks for your input.


    50-50 which just proves my contention that we need to retire and do a lot more RVing!

  23. santa skip, To get the other 9 is great work. I didn’t think this was a push over, but it seems we got smart people reading the RV.NET blog. Good going and thanks for sharing your score with us.

  24. santa skip

    I also got 9 ,we have not been to Canada,so I didn’t know Nova Scoita

  25. PapPappy, I love your “Bucket list” idea. Hey, you did pretty well considering. Glad you enjoyed the fun. Thanks for your input.

  26. PapPappy

    Oops….only 5 right! I thought that #1 was a trick question, since the crocs aren’t really supposed to be there….
    Didn’t know enough about Canada, so that tossed out 3 answers there, and have never been to Montana, so that was a guess….
    I don’t feel to bad, and it gives me some places to put in the “Bucket List”.

    Thanks for a fun quiz!!


  27. Art, The West Edmonton Mall has been open for many years, and has always been the biggest mall in North America. I know as I’ve been there some 5 years ago. But, never the less, you did very well. All you guys are pretty bright. Thanks for the challenge and your input.

  28. Art

    I got 9 also, but am only able to claim 8 because number 10 was a trick question………………because the West Edmonton Mall just opened recently. U Connucks are all alike!


  29. Jim, Wow, good score. Thanks for posting it.

  30. Jim

    9 right