RV Cooking Show and New England Fish Chowder

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March 11, 2008

Evanne SchmarderHi, I’m Evanne Schmarder of the RV Cooking Show. I look forward to sharing a multitude of my favorite recipes with you, as well as destination information about the regions related to the recipes.

In future video posts I’ll also share some tips, tricks, and cooking gadgets that make RV Cooking a pleasure.

For today, get your dose of nature on the beautiful coast of Maine and learn how to prepare a delicious New England-style Fish Chowder – courtesy of a Maine fishwife.

Just click on the play button below to watch as I prepare this scrumptious New England staple, and to learn about some must-see destinations in Maine.

Visit my site at www.RVCookingShow.com for the printer-friendly recipe.

Happy Camping,
Evanne Schmarder

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  1. I can still see the old captain’s wife and would have done an imitation of her excellent Maine accent…but I’d have embarassed myself :> It’s an amazing state with amazing food. I think I’m heading back for a short visit this summer…look out lob’stas!!

    So much to see…even when you have been around for a while!!


  2. Serge Cossette

    The Maine coast is one of our favorite destination. We have been there five times. We even took a windjammer cruise for one week out of Camden aboard the Grace Baley. But this is not something everybody would enjoy because of the promiscuity aboard.

  3. Sherol Roy

    Wow does that look good! Can’t wait to try it. Since we are in Colorado and it isn’t very easy to find fresh fish, it may have to wait until we head North East. Just another reason to keep RV-ing.