How to Wake Up to an RV Breakfast Without Lifting a Finger

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November 22, 2010

Sometimes ideas stink, but sometimes they don’t.  This time I had a good one. Really. It crossed my mind that our first morning in the new trailer the boys would love waking up to a hot breakfast.

It also crossed my mind I had less than zero desire to actually get up and make that breakfast.

So, I checked into crock pot breakfasts. I loaded the crockpot at bedtime with a recipe I’d dumbed down and fired that sucker up for the night. It worked great! We woke up to a tasty, hot breakfast. And all I had to do was stay hunkered down, nose peeping out over fleece blankets, and grasp the handle of the steaming coffee mug Ray brought to me. So this is why they say ‘happy campers!’

The only less-than-rewarding moment was fleeting angst when I smelled nothing upon awakening. Shouldn’t there have been some bursting aroma like there is at home when I make crock pot meals? Surely I had failed to turn on the crockpot.  But, no, all was hot and bubbly and looking good. Later, it dawned on me that I had pre-cooked the bacon (hence, no delightful Eau du bacon throughout the night) and potatoes and eggs (unless they’re rotten) aren’t high aroma foods. So not to worry.


My crock pot breakfast was a hit and I was a star. You can be, too. Here’s the recipe:

1. Spray oil inside of crock.

2. Layer 3-4 inches frozen hash browns, chopped onions to taste, a fistful or so of shredded cheese, and lots of cooked bacon.

3. Repeat to make 3 layers. Bacon lovers may want to use a pound or two of cooked bacon.

4. Beat a dozen eggs and one cup milk together and pour over the layers.

5.  Cook on low for 10 hours or high for 8 hours. Whatever. You really can’t mess it up.

For safety, I set the crockpot in the sink. Remember to plug it in at bedtime!

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  1. Hi Deborah, and how great to hear from you! Yup, cooking up bacon, etc at home is a great idea, to be sure. Grease is just NOT fun to deal with while camping. I, too, love crockpot liners. I had never heard of them until I started hanging out on Woodall’s site!

    Happy Tales,


  2. Deborah Branch

    I love you recipes and I started cooking up the bacon and sausage before leaving home. As for the crockpot breakfast sounds good and here’s a tip for clean up USE CROCKPOT LINERS then you just toss them out and put clean crockpot back in the closet. Thanks Patti love your stuff

  3. Patti Faustini

    Hi Alden, great hearing from you! I don’t remember where I got this recipe. I probably just googled something like “great crock pot breakfasts.” Regarding how to cut it down for one or two people,
    I would try this:

    1) Cut recipe in half.
    2) Just make two layers instead of three.
    3) Cook on low for, maybe 5-6, hours instead of 8-10 hours. (someone may have to turn on the crock at about 1 or 2 in the morning to have for breakfast!)

    Crockpots are very forgiving, if you don’t open the lid during cook time! They (whovever “They” are) say it can take over an hour for the crockpot to recover from the opened lid, but I don’t know if that’s really true. I love crockpot cooking because an hour here or there in cooking time, usually doesn’t matter much one way or the other. Readers, if you know more about this, write back and save Alden from disaster!

    Happy Tales,


  4. Alden


    Where did you get this recipe? I would be interested in cooking it at home, but I usually only cook for 1 or 2. Any idea on how to cut down this recipe for a smaller serving size? (Mainly cooking time)

  5. Patti

    Thanks for your comments, Happy Camper and all of you! I’ll be sure to set that alarm! I love hearing from each of you. What fun! Patti

  6. Can’t help but smile while reading your post! Very clever but be sure to set your alarm clock on time dude haha. Happy breakfast!!

  7. Corey

    Patti, I look forward to your posts every week! Always witty and informative. Keep it up!

  8. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Julia, er I mean Patti,
    Sounds great, nown can it be cooked while ‘boondocking’ on batteries??? We’ve started pre-
    cooking all of our bacon, like you suggested, and it surely does make the house smell good, especially when she cooks ‘maple-flavored’ bacon.. She uses the micro-wave and the ‘ browner’ to cook it crispy..
    That range takes up too much room in the kitchen.. All one needs is a m-w and a c-p!!!!