Firedude’s Golden Circle Checklist.

I’ve got my RVer’s Notebook, my Budget Worksheet along with my other checklists included in my books so I’m ready to go for an uneventful, safe and well planned trip. There is this one important additional checklist that is a must that I offer for the grabbing in this Blog. Download link is at the bottom of page.

From my own experiences and those of others I have developed a Departure Check list, one of many checklists included in my books. The list also works in reverse pretty much upon arrival at your destination. Depending on your type of RV some items may not apply. We used a similar check list in the fire department which prevented many incidents, damage and injury. It’s called the Golden Circle and you start at one point doing a complete walk around (circle) of your RV. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way on some things and adhere to this consistently. It’s easy to become distracted during this and with the checklist it insures you don’t forget anything and avoid possible costly damage or worse yet injury. I fell prey to not using my checklist once leaving me with a $100 error which would have been easily avoided had I used the checklist. it may seem like a small insignificant item, but it is not.

* ____ TV Antenna down and secured.

* ____ All slide-outs completely in.

* ____ Electrical connection unhooked and cord stowed.

* ____ Water disconnected and hose, regulator or any filters stowed away, including all sewer connections and equipment.

* ____ Check tires during walk around for obvious signs of damage, flats or low air pressure.

* ____ Make sure all compartment doors are shut and latched.

* ____ Insure tow (toad) vehicle is hooked up properly and ready to go.

(Motor homes).

*____ Insure ALL stabilizers and levelers are retracted.

* ____Have lights on so you can check them during your Golden Circle.

* ____For those pulling trailers insure hitch is connected properly and for 5th wheels do a pull test!

* ____ Remove any wheel/tire chocks that you have in place.

* ____ Check your campsite for any items left out that need to be stowed.

* ____ Do another complete walk around to make sure everything is OK!

* ____ Check for any existing hazards before pulling out such as vehicles, tree limbs, gates etc..

* ____ Add additional items of your own as needed to suit your own RV.

What I and many have done in the fire department was to create our own unique checklist and have it laminated and placed on a clipboard so it could be used over and over with a grease pencil and simply erased once done making it ready for the next use. It is done in MS Word so it can easily be modified to your own needs. Once you have established the checklist to fit your specific needs simply delete my text at top and bottom before printing and laminating if you wish,

Tony (aka Firedude)


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  2. Pull out of your spot – go 10 feet – stop and get out of the RV and walk back
    to your site. There you will find the things you thought you put back into
    your compartment but they fell out when you took something else out. Most important of all — the items you left right next to the water hook up and sewer dump. And LOOK – there is the knife you left on the table.
    I never leave a site without out stopping first and going back for a look. While you are at it, take a look back at your RV — OH NO – is that the antenna still up??

  3. Great Tom, thanks! Having some sort of checklist is a must. It’s just too easy to get distracted. I’ve been there done that. I like the double checking thing on the laptop. thanks!


  4. Tom McGrath

    Great form Will add some other thing I use but overall covers ever thing and I had not problem downloading it.. I not only have a written checklist list I have on on our laptop that I use to double check on everything.

  5. Charlotte

    I have a check list for the inside of our travel trailer which I use to check off items before we move on. My husband doesn’t have a check list (I will download your for him!). But after I co my checklist, my husband and I switch and I do a walk around the outside and he goes over my check list for the inside. It only take a few minutes and you can’t be too careful.

  6. Connie great addition, one that I should have listed. While this checklist is probably not a priority item or important to some it can save you some aggravation, possible injury and money. I fell prey early on to the “cabinet door syndrome”! Not fun. Thanks for reminding me.;)

    Everyone can make their own list or add to mine. My point is one of safety and a good habit. Like I said it just may save you some unpleasant encounters. Once you get in the routine of using the list like I do things become easier, more organized and hopefully uneventful. I can’t remember how many times while i was getting ready to leave a site and in the middle of everything when my neighbor or someone came up and derailed my process which just distracts you. With the checklist at least I can look down real fast and see if I forgot something due to the interruption.


  7. Connie

    Between 1 and 2. Make sure all cupboards doors are closed before closing the sides. I have two friends who thought their cupboards were closed and messed up the doors as the slide came in.

  8. Niela Redford

    Unable to access “Download…by clicking here” re: Golden Circle “does not exist on this server–dtc.