The Jewels of Fall Camping (Part 1 of 2)

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September 3, 2009

fall2Fall camping in the northeast, offers far more than just the majestic colors of the countryside foliage.   It’s one of the most enjoyable times of the seasons to be outdoors.  The fresh odor of the fallen leaves drifts through the woods as the trees rustle in harmony with the breeze.  The tall cold drinks from those hot summer days are gone, replaced now with a hot cup of coffee or a marshmallow laden hot chocolate.

The image of RVing seems to be that of enjoying long hot summer days, swimming at the beach and sipping tall ice cold drinks.  Families together, enjoying laying in the sun or fishing in a lazy river on a warm summer afternoon.   Even RV advertisements seem to project this lifestyle theme.   But, there are other great seasons for RVing.

The fall weather brings many other advantages.  No more crowded campgrounds where reservations seem always booked.  Many campgrounds offer substantial discounts during off-peak season.    It gives one a chance to putter with minor maintenance or perhaps start waxing the coach, all in a much cooler climate.  A campfire can be enjoyed longer by the whole family as the sun sets far earlier at that time of year.   Most of the mosquitoes, and of course all black flies, have packed up and left, adding to the evening’s uninterrupted delight.

Camping from the first of spring to well into the fall season lets you get more use out of your RV.  Whether you have a pop-up, 5th wheel trailer or a motor coach it’s great to increase your usage.  Even though much of the time is weekend use, it still supports the reason you invested in an RV.

For those that live in the northeast areas of North America, fall camping is an option that some choose.   This is particularly true if they do not have the opportunity to take their unit south in the winter time and are faced with putting it away for the year.   For those living in the southern parts of the continent, many have probably never camped in the northern climates in the fall.   Many of the northeastern states like Vermont, New York, Michigan, and the like, have brilliant displays of the fall foliage.  Those wishing to travel further north, perhaps into Canada, will find equally beautiful scenery backdropped by a multi-array of fall colors.

Regardless of where people live, there are very few that ever think of taking a week or two fall camping vacation.  This is truly amazing, not just due to the points already mentioned, but there are some great additional reasons supporting this idea.  Specific events that only occur in the fall in many areas can be a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Next week we will look at some of the great attractions that can be found throughout the northern states and Canada in the fall.

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  1. TXBrad, Freezing water is the main issue, but many areas throughout the north east don’t normally get that cold during the day high through Oct. Granted the nights may well be below freezing. Thanks for your participation and input on this subject.

  2. TXBrad

    How true ! Been there done that. Great times can be had.
    NOTE: Many RV diretories booksguidesweb sites show many RV parks closing October / Labor Day. ( this they do incase freezing snow).
    BUT, we found many have a “few ” freeze proof spaces. Many will actually open up if no snowfreeze. Many clubs will also rally Holloween, Thanksgiving, & X-mass [ weather permitting}
    WHAT we do been told is to call ahead. There are some great days Sept-Dec.
    They know &you watch weather Tv, if storm coming & you need to pull out & move south. Remember parks are in it to make $$ & if they can rent few spaces , better for them. Just call ahead. TX Brad