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Getting the Most Out of Your RV Vacation

Sometimes you plan a vacation and once you get there, you find that the RV vacation you thought everyone was looking forward to, isn’t so appreciated. A surefire way of making sure everyone is onboard with the RV vacation before you leave is to make a check list of vacation destinations they might not have

Looking for the perfect RV vacation?

As a Smile & Save partner, Fantasy RV Tours offers Good Sam Club members special discounts on their tours—save $50 on Rallies and $100 on Caravans! This year the company presents a lineup of 10 new locales and exciting venues. Grab your wings and witness the world’s greatest aviation event in Michigan. The Oshkosh AirVenture Rally promises to be

Trip Notes

By Lynn Difley We just got back from a family shared vacation in Hawaii, a celebration of the end of a long, difficult two years, and the beginning of a new page in all our lives. It is the first vacation I can remember that was not in our beloved RV and that pointed up