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Colorful Rock Arches Delight Visitors to this Utah Park

Arches National Park, in the southeastern part of Utah’s high desert, protects more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches and other unique rock formations. These delicate features were eroded by water and wind over millions of years from the surrounding colorful, multi-layered canyons and cliffs. General Info: Humans have passed through the area since ancient times.

Journey to Mars without Leaving the Planet

Visiting this state park is like a journey to another planet! Goblin Valley State Park in remote south-central Utah is full of rocks that resemble otherworldly creatures. In fact, parts of the space movie Galaxy Quest were filmed among the park’s Martian-like scenery. The unusual sandstone formations were carved by flowing water and smoothed by

On the Trail…at Grosvenor Arch, Utah

Time, wind and water have carved hundreds or arches across southern Utah and in parts of neighboring states. Many require a hike or a boat ride to reach. You can, however, drive right up to Grosvenor Arch south of Cannonville a few miles outside the gate of Bryce Canyon National Park. Sometimes it’s good to