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Finally, Sensible and Achievable Mileage Standards

By Bob Difley This was a big week for environmentalists,the auto companies, and foes of foreign oil addiction. The Obama administration announced new CAFÉ mileage standards for American built cars and light trucks. Beginning in 2016—four years earlier than the 2007 energy bill–passenger cars will have to attain 39 mpg (a 30% increase) and light

Eight Ways to Deal with Global Warming Nutcases

Are you convinced that global warming is a bunch of political bunk concocted out of personal greed? Is “drill, baby, drill” the answer to high fuel prices (that are now starting to creep up again) and the solution to importing OPEC oil? Do you feel that you have earned your McMansion-on-wheels and you are going

Is It Time to Raise the Gasoline Tax?

By Bob Difley It’s a good thing I’m not a politician. That kind of headline would hardly garner me the popular vote. But it seems that most Americans don’t get it. CNNMoney.com rerpoorted on Dec. 22, “After nearly a year of flagging sales, low gas prices and fat incentives are reigniting America’s taste for big