Eight Ways to Deal with Global Warming Nutcases

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February 7, 2009

Are you convinced that global warming is a bunch of political bunk concocted out of personal greed? Is “drill, baby, drill” the answer to high fuel prices (that are now starting to creep up again) and the solution to importing OPEC oil? Do you feel that you have earned your McMansion-on-wheels and you are going to get the most out of it? You are not alone. So, for those of you that want to throw down the gauntlet of deniability, a pie in the face of enviro-whackos and climate change fanatics, here are eight ways to flaunt your frontier-style independence, your choice of free will over scientific malarkey, and to demonstrate your God-given right to what you deserve and the freedom to choose how you decide—not somebody else—how to live your life.

1. Forget that nonsense about driving slower. Cruising at 70 mph or better (watch out for those speed traps) will get you where you are going faster so you can beat others to the best campsites.

2. Don’t waste time staying at campgrounds too long. Once you spend about half a day seeing the sights, you’ve probably seen what there is to see. It’s time to move on to another place. Otherwise, how can you see the whole country if you stay too long in one place.

3. Leave your old-style lights bulbs that came with your rig until they burn out, then replace them with the same cheap ones. Why spend money when you don’t have to for lower energy lights. The campground pays for the electricity anyway.

4. Get rid of your recycle bins. They take up extra space in your rig, have to be taken to special recycling receptacles, and the stuff probably doesn’t get recycled anyway.

5. Don’t concern yourself with using reusable cloth bags for food shopping, they take up extra room in your rig, are a pain to remember every time you go to the store, and are not nearly as convenient as the free plastic bags that supermarkets hand out. Besides, without these free plastic bags, you would have to pay for trash can liners. And if some of those bags, plastic fast food containers, plastic forks and spoons, and paper coffee cups didn’t end up out on the streets, all those little people that pick up trash for their living would be out of a job.

6. Buy cheap disposable items whenever you can, since by the time things break, there will be new and better things to replace it. And face it, shopping for stuff is one of the joys of RVing to different shopping malls around the country. What are landfills for anyway, but a place to get rid of all the old stuff you don’t want anymore.

7. Don’t even consider buying your dry stores in bulk. Boxed items on supermarket shelves stack better in your cabinets, and when they are empty, it’s easier to just throw away the boxes than have to wash the containers that you would have used to put the bulk stuff in.

8. Buy the most powerful, big-horse truck for your fiver, or a brawny SUV for your toad. It takes power to handle big manly stuff, and your truck or SUV not only tells everybody in those puny fuel efficient cars and wimpy trucks to get out of your way but also lets them know that a real RVer is behind the wheel.

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  1. Jim G

    It is obvious that Bob has sparked a firestorm of differing opinions. Perhaps the real truth of his sentiments will be decided by those who follow in our footsteps, assuming of course that the possibility for doing so will hold true.

    In any case I offer the following quotes as food for thought.

    Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.
    Albert Einstein

    Conservation is humanity caring for the future
    Nancy Newhall

  2. Rick East

    Kind of hoping to find rational talking points rather than the patronizing drivel provided.

  3. saurdkraut

    And we wonder why this country is going down the toilet.

    I guess the peopel with the manly toys like to keep sending our young adults to get killed to they can feed their manly toys. Who need social security, medicare or anything like that anyway.

  4. bpshand

    Well, another author to put in the “basically disregard” category.

  5. Barry S

    Gee, Bob. I’m doing all the stuff you advised, and it still gets hot in the summer. What should I do next? I can’t afford to move up to a 45′ coach. Do you feel that if I bought only a 40′ one that I would still get a carbon tax credit? Please respond ASAP. I’m confused.

  6. Pat

    Thanks Bob. Very funny. Am sending your comments on to my buddies.

    The global warming issue isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, or has the most information or the right information. It is about all of us (of every persuasion) caring for the world we live in and leaving it a better place for those who follow us.

    Unfortunately what your tongue in cheek article really points to is the behavior of selfish, self-centered people (like some of those who responded here) who see the world as their private garbage dump (like smokers who use the world as their ash tray or pet owners who don’t pick up after their animals) and therefore could care less about the trail of damage and trash they leave behind or the rules of for community living the rest of us follow. We give these folks a wide berth. Most RVers we have encountered care. The rest give us a bad name.

    If we encounter a trashy RV campground, we don’t return and urge others to stay away from them.

    You don’t have to be a member of the Green Party to recycle or to keep an eye on our carbon footprint. The saddest thing is when visiting a wilderness area this summer and enjoying the beauty of creation, along comes a shopping bag tumbling along with the tumble weeds!


  7. Vegasdan

    Seems as though even Al Gore is starting to back down on some of his fabrications.
    Global Warming advocates have made a habit of arguing that Global Warming not only will lead to more natural disasters, but actually has already done so. Climate realists, including this newsletter at times, have just as frequently pointed out that there is no evidence to support this claim. Well it seems our side has a new ally: Al Gore. That’s right. The Goracle himself has removed a slide from his oft-rebutted PowerPoint presentation “An Inconvenient Truth” that contained a graph which purported to show an incredible spike in disasters in recent years. He culled the data from Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED). Andrew C. Revkin of the New York Times explains:
    “The graph, which was added to his talk last year, came just after a sequence of images of people from Iowa to South Australia struggling with drought, wildfire, flooding and other weather-related calamities. Mr. Gore described the pattern as a manifestation of human-driven climate change. “This is creating weather-related disasters that are completely unprecedented,” he said. (The preceding link is to a video clip of that portion of the talk; go to 7th minute.)

    “Now Mr. Gore is dropping the graph, his office said today. Here’s why.
    “Two days after the talk, Mr. Gore was sharply criticized for using the data to make a point about global warming by Roger A. Pielke, Jr., a political scientist focused on disaster trends and climate policy at the University of Colorado. Mr. Pielke noted that the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters stressed in reports that a host of factors unrelated to climate caused the enormous rise in reported disasters.”
    In fact, this isn’t the only bogus claim of Gore’s recently debunked. Al Gore and United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon published an Op-Ed in The Financial Times last month that claimed that there are significantly more jobs to be found in the wind-energy industry than in the coal industry. A related article claimed that there were 85,000 jobs in wind and just 81,000 in coal. But according to The Christian Science Monitor:
    “…it’s a bogus comparison. According to the wind energy report, those 85,000 jobs in wind power are as “varied as turbine component manufacturing, construction and installation of wind turbines, wind turbine operations and maintenance, legal and marketing services, and more.” The 81,000 coal jobs counted by the Department of Energy are only miners. Their figure excludes those who haul the coal around the country, as well as those who work in coal power plants.”

    Using faulty statistics to support their position is not the behavior of a movement confident in their position. And how could they be confident, with global temperatures declining, arctic ice levels matching those from 30 years ago (more on that below) and the American public growing more and more resistant to their claims?

  8. Jim Landreth

    Even though the level of CO2 in the atmosphere may have been increasing, there is no empirical data to indicate that it is to any large degree the result of human activity. The molecules do not carry any identifying tags which separate them from the natural functions of the earths environment. The increase in the concentration of hydrocarbon and nitrogen compound waste in the atmosphere is of far greater danger than CO2. Most all of the proponents of human caused global warming have an agenda which is in most cases financial. The political and economic aspects of the arguments given by the proponents are overshadowing the scientific data. For a report of the data see
    The depletion of the earths resources and the pollution of the air with the wastes noted along with the water supply require more attention. Humankind cannot survive without clean water.

  9. Jack Nichols

    Bob, I was so disappointed when I realized your article “Eight Ways to Deal with Global Warming Nutcases” was not about how to turn off the shrill screech from the left.

    Have a nice life. Your articles will go the way of liberal talk shows when no one bothers to read anything under your byline.

  10. kristi

    I just went to Bob Difey’s “40 years + RVing” read, and I found the voice of sanity in that article. Thanks Bob, seems like a million miles from frustration.
    I think you all need to read it. Rving is a pretty “green” thing to do…

  11. kristi

    Yea… I like the think tank talk…! If ENERGY is the “conversation”, VegasDan has managed to turn the tide here. Good ideas_open up the discussion : We’re a BIG country with natural resources we could protect & utilize both. I’ve got to agree that the Fat-Cats start the fear-hype to get us all wrapped up to LET THEM COME UP WITH THE SOLUTION… we’re so easily manipulated. I believe their solution has already been figured out , (into) the very same companies whose product it will sell. There is still a need for DISCUSSION ! Lets ASK WHY more often. Lets ask HOW more often. Our governing officials need to know we’re not only listening, we want to know how they are serving this country !

  12. Vegasdan

    What form of new energy will move your Rv down the road? How about developing Hydrogen? Good, clean non-poluting, right? The problem is in the production. Hydrogen is produced from Natural Gas or Coal, so how do we convince the green agenda folks to allow more natural gas exploration on lands that have been closed for exploration, or how about convincing them to go after more coal. The other problem arises in the production of Hydrogen from these two abundant sources-they emit green house gases, What’s the other way to generate Hydrogen? Well it’s the other darling the left hates-nuclear power. Good old ways to generate Hydrogen will fall short of the demand, that being electrolysis. Seems that it would take more energy to create it this way than you would gain from the Hydrogen. Probably the most “green” form of production would be fermentive micro-organism systems. Gee, maybe we could put a fermentation pond in everyones back yard.

  13. Roger

    Climate Change?
    Based on the data here in Ohio as of 2 weeks ago we had Global Cooling and the trend showed we would never go above freezing again and we were about to be buried alive in snow.
    The above is a 100% true statement. You just have to decide if 5 days worth of data can be used to try and predict what is likely to occur around the entire world over the next 20 to 100 years.

    The whole truth is that there are a lot of things that contribute to our weather. The best we can do is to look at a broad spectrum of different data and to try and apply some logic when we decide how each part contributes to the whole.

    Some at sites would you to believe that the trend is cooling.

    Others point to data that supports the warming trend.

    Lets look at something other than just the temperature.

    Greenhouse gasses such as Water vapor, CO2, Methane, NOX, Ozone and CFCs “are gases in an atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range”. If some of the Global Cooling camp can point to data that contradicts this statement I and others would like to see it.

    One of the new kids on the block is Nitrogen trifluoride which is used to make silicone wafers, you know those things in the computer machine. NF3 is a greenhouse gas, with a GWP 17,200 times greater than that of CO2. The good news is that the amount of NF3 currently in the atmosphere is very small. The bad news is it is increasing by 11% each year.

    For the past 50 years the level of CO2 has shown a steady rise based on data collected at Mauna Loa, HI.

    Ocean acidification is increasing and that has negative consequences on our food supply even if there is no temperature rise.

    For those that want to look at temperature here you can find some data not opinion.

    The proof that the globe is cooling is here.
    where the significant drop in temperature observed over the past couple of years is clear.

    Stop reading blogs. Study the data. Don’t read someone else’s interpritation of the chart. Use your brain. Don’t let your wallet mess with your ability to think rationally.

  14. Ron Butler


    Well your still stirring up the hornets nest!! It seems obvious that:

    1. The naysayers don’t or won’t recognize satire and humor when it pokes fun at their point of view.

    2. Beome so defensive that they can only revert to the old fall back position of money grapping liberal scam to get more of their hard earned money!

    There were several that presented some thought/reasons/evidence that attempts to disprove global warming. I have thrown this out several times in the past and will do so again, because I have yet to get any logically reasoned responses to the question. Let’s say that global warming is a natural occurrance or the gigantic hoax that many feel it is. Shouldn’t we still be researching and developing alternative energy sources anyway, just to improve the environment and reduce whatever negative impact our actions may have upon the earth? What is inherently wrong about developing more types of energy sources to reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels and coal? What’s wrong with attempting to reduce our reliance upon Middle East fuel, the military expenses to protect “our” fuel source and reducing the incredible flow of our money into enriching countries that really don’t seem to like us that much? What is wrong with attempting to keep as much of our money and wealth in our own country to continue its development rather that to other countries? Was the attempts to clean up our air in the ’60’s – ’80’s worth it or would you still want to be breathing the pollution that the captains of industry was releasing into the atmosphere or drinking the water that was tainted with the contaniments that factories released into the rivers?

    Thank goodness that we had people that were willing to lead the fight then to clean up our environment! I was just a kid, but I still remember the ridicule that Adlie Stevenson faced when he first proposed the stopping of atmospheric nuclear testing! Man, was he ravaged by the conservatives for that “liberal socialist weak on communism” gang back then!!

    Maybe it’s just easier to take a knee-jerk negative reaction to oppose all attempts to improve or safe-guard our environment. Makes being a conservative so easy!

    OK – now everyone, just take a deep breath, relax, breath deeply for a few minutes and reduce your heart rates!!

    Have a good day!!

  15. GMAs

    I have to laugh at this one… Indeed bob you stur’ed the bottom of the pot. Az must be boreing again… best check the bottom of that bottle again .. I am sure they put the green worm in it…

    You rattled me at first and then I realized how funny it really was. The sad part is how many people believe what you wrote.
    I truely hope that you wrote this just to get people to think about it all.
    I won’t talk about “carbon footprints” or other other political talking points but I will say that I am saddened by so many who have position of “I got mine” and now screw the next generation. Try to get up each day and ask yourself this one simple question……..What small thing can I do today to make this world a better place. The most important thing is to “do something”! Life on this earth is an amazing gift…….
    No its not screw you… I got mine… but rather… when it comes to the next gen getting their.. let ’em earn it.. besides they don’t want to… they are more content on sitting in front of the one eyed idiot and play games than get out and see nature in the buff… They have the good life staying at home and not having to do a damm thing. (check out the latest figures on how many are not leaving the nest at the ages of 30 or more… says something about personal goals and attainments) So why leave ’em anything… they are screwing you and your grinning and defending the leaches??

    Like a rat on a wheel in the cage… they spend their whole lives worrying about things that they can’t change… they keep running faster and faster and yet can’t seem to understand why they are not going anywhere… Look at how many of them wear out cars yearly just going for the brass ring on the merrygoround of the working class. (and never get it… I might add) Is it design or consern. Everyone nodds yes we should cut the carbon footprint… but then turn around and say.. hey we can make money off of this… and they can’t do a thing to stop it… (carbon emission credits) Does it do anything for the reduction… NADA!!! its all about the money!!! So your consern is???

    Well if you look at nancy’s new jet.. you can see the leadership is promoting the … I got mine… idea.

    Look if you want to save the planet.. be my guest.. but life is short and quite frankly I plan on seeing the blue marble for all its worth… having fun and using what ever I deem I need to do it… THAT IS WHY I WORKED ALL THOSE YEARS… However, that being said.. don’t come to me or point at me saying… I am not conserned or care.. you have your rights and so do I… and you implying that mine is not politically correct… is a issue I am sure you will lose at… I plan on taking the family on FUN TIME places and spend MY money to BUY what I need to have a NICE LIFE. You can do what ever you want… as that is your life… but, you have the same oppertunity as I do… ITS YOUR CHOICE. If you think others out their in the big blue world of other countries CARE…. your wrong… they too are all about the money.. you got it … they would like to have it… (been their … done that)

    If you want to drive a tuna can car… go have fun.. but don’t whine about me passing you in the towncar with the windows up and the AC on… remember it is your choice… not mine.. and I would never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do… I expect the same.

    so save your money.. donate to all the rip off causes… believe what the idiots tell you…and don’t think for your self… if that turns you on… but, don’t come here and whine about how your not keeping up with the jones… when you do.

    I enjoy the fruits of my labor… and that being RV’n included… I don’t waist anything… but use what I need to have a HAPPY and ENJOYABLE LIFE. when I am gone .. you can have mine…

    I have native american background… and one of the saying is… you own nothing… all that you have is only borrowed… take only what you need .. but leave the rest for others… mother earth provides for you in your time. Once life is over you go back to the earth from which you came and all that you held becomes others to use. (the ring or wheel is the symbol for this idea as it is never ending)

  16. Thomas Becher

    How did I get to be as old as I am? As a plumbing apprentice I worked with asbestos to put around hot water pipes. I melted lead and pored it into the joints around cast iron sewer pipes. I became an electrician and again worked with asbestos wire. We soldered with 50/50 solder before wirenuts came around. No one said anything about mercury in lamps or in mercury switches like in thermostats. I remember breaking the glass and spredding it on nickels and dimes to make them shiny. Me young clildern did it with me, more then once.. My childern are fine 44 and 42 years old. I was told and believe that the small amount of mercury in a lamps will bind to the glass as the electrons evaporate during the use of the bulbs. So if the bulb goes to the end of it’s life no mercury will spill out if it breaks. Not so with a new lamp, but some nut has made much ado about nothing as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Dick

    Thanks, Bob.
    I agree with Edie (above). You rattled me at first and then I realized how funny it really was. The sad part is how many people believe what you wrote.
    I truely hope that you wrote this just to get people to think about it all.
    I won’t talk about “carbon footprints” or other other political talking points but I will say that I am saddened by so many who have position of “I got mine” and now screw the next generation. Try to get up each day and ask yourself this one simple question……..What small thing can I do today to make this world a better place. The most important thing is to “do something”! Life on this earth is an amazing gift…….BE GOOD STEWARDS with this gift.

  18. Bluebird Bob

    I agree with Bob.
    I pretty much do all the things he spouts about in this essay.
    Love our life just as it is.

  19. Dan Rambow

    I think Bob was a little bored this last weekend, and decided to stir up a bit of controversy. I hope for more in most RV’s than to be sheep, and blindly follow whichever cowbell they might favor. Global Climate Change is not hot or cold, black or white, but rather degrees of warm or shades of gray. Neither side holds all the correct views, it lies somewhere in-between.

    Many of these comments remind me of the late 60’s, one night, Johnny Carson made the monolog joke that there was a toilet paper shortage. And as sure as anything, with-in a week, there was a toilet paper shortage because people started hording the stuff. Johnny actually had to come out and say, please don’t hoard, there is no production problems.

    Sheep, people just like to be sheep and not think for themselves.

  20. Scott

    At first I thought your for real but then you are one of those liberal nuts who has no clue of life in the real world with real people. For one thing have you heard we reached the hight of our temps in 1998 and we are cooling now.
    As for some of your things to do. when I will the lottery I can pay for the fancy lights. I do use the cloth bags, but not to save the world but I get tired of all those plastic bags every were in the house. As for speeding my rig has trouble doing 60mph now. I wonder when you go camping do you all gather at night around some sort of solar camp fire light. Now for tp do you know that Scott paper is the same but cheaper than the (green) paper, ck it out made in the same place. As for recycling I rarely use soda cans or bottles, but always recycle at the camp ground so they can get the money.
    By the way how can you justify using so much Electricity
    to be on the net?

  21. TXBrad

    Wow! Test Test How many read Bob’s bolg ?
    One reply wanted to block Bob’s writing ; he already has this feature: Do Not Click ! Don’t like NY Times : don’t readbuy it . NY times loosing readers buyers faster then grass grows.
    Like many stated it is mostly about filling pockets w/ $$$$ in & around D.C.
    Crude oil price staying low & going down, supplies up, demand down: but pump prices going up ( $2.oo gal ) Govts. [statefederal] loosing taxes !!! ?????
    Congess & Media slammed auto makers of flying Jets ! Ms. Yet, Nancy travels Washington to Calf. in a large JET, She Is the frist House Leader to use a jet at expense tax payers. This latest bunch in DC & their leader’s ratings going down faster than stock market. So, as they waste your money ( taxes) on them selves & buying votes: enjoy your RV however you want to. If, you want a tent & horse or 45″ class A, go for it while you can ! Tx Brad

  22. Carson

    Bob, as we used to tell our pastor you don’t need to fight from the pulpit and you could read the anger in your article. You sounded so angry with everything you wrote and those were stupid points that you took from an article that was posted several months back on how to help with the high gas prices. That article was very good and full of good information. You sir made fun of it and your true colors came through when you wrote this article. Don’t get me wrong I believe in recycling and doing my part to preserve our beautiful country however, fact is Al Gore and his followers are not really worried about our climate changing or saving the planet all they are concerned about is making their wallet heavier. Everyone doesn’t agree with Al Gore or the so called climate change bull as well as with you but you don’t have to get angry about it and make fun of good information that was passed along to the true RVers. We still live in a land of the free where everyone has the right to beiieve what they want to believe or not believe my prayer is that it will remain this way..

  23. Ron

    Just follow the money and look who will get rich from this hoax. Al Gore, General Electric, the speculators and brokers who will sell the carbon credits, etc. Whenever someone says the issue is settled, no furtther discussion, you have to ask why they will not debate other scientists and climatologists who make a very credible argument for their position. The Gore computer model has been proven to be faulty because of the data used and or omitted yet he will not correct it. Consensus is not science yet consensus is what they always rant about when challenged.

  24. GMAs

    Bob.. Bob.. Bob…

    While I think your out having fun… can we get back to using common sense… what your ditribe and trolling amounts to is about a nickle of waisted electrons. While not much it is running concurent with and about worth as much as your thought you wrote.
    Most are conserving due to the cost… not the planet….

    makes me wonder if you take to drinking before you write every so often to get the reconigition here, you are missing at home??? LOLL

  25. Jim

    I hope that you are just trying to get people thinking, otherwise I am disapointed in your position.

    With my engineering background I am always looking for the facts to justify a position. I have seen none to support global warming. Gore justifies his energy excesses by trading energy credits. How great it would be that he would really be serious by living in a more energy conservitive manner, in adition to his credits.

    I have been very active in all types of conservation, both while I was working and now in my retirement.


  26. Jim

    I hope that you are just trying to get people thinking, otherwise I am disapointed in your position.

    With my engineering background I am always looking for the facts to justify a position. I have seen none to support global warming. Gore justifies his energy excesses by trading energy credits. How great it would be that he would really be serious by living in a more energy conservitive manner, in adition to his credits.

    I have been very active in all types of conversati0n, both while I was working and now in my retirement.


  27. Edie Zaprir

    Hi Bob,

    I liked your article, I thought it was very funny !!!!


  28. Global warming may be happening . But I remember in the early 1980’s
    scientists said that global cooling was going to cause shorter summers
    and longer and colder winters. Then in less than ten years scientists gave
    us this bull that we going to have global warming. So who is right, it seems to me that a lot of pepole are getting rich off of people who believe in this crap.
    Yes we could all do a better job of conserving and recycleing and we are doing
    much better than we did in the past.

  29. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    Man did you open up a mean can of kick ass. I’ll ask you in a year how you feel when you calm down and come to your senses.

  30. Frank Reynolds

    “Wow” Diffey you got us all rattled. All this hot weather has caused a skin rash and irritated a few folks.

  31. John Shelton

    I answer an absolute unqualified “YES” to the very first sentence in your article (I do sincerely believe that global warming is as big a hoax as Y2K was a few years, when predictions of airplanes falling from the skies and the flow of electricity from utility companies would cease, etc.); and I believe that there is SOMETHING to be said for saving the oil we have in our ground as long as it remains cheaper to buy somebody else’s oil than “harvest” our own. We do however need to have things in place to pump our own oil on short notice if it becomes desirable to do so. You do, however, offer 8 very good tips for saving money as well as resources. If we would heed the tips you give us here and have a chuckle with you at the way they are presented, we will all benefit. Thank you for your thoughts.


  32. Vegasdan

    Jerry, I don’t think it’s a joke to offer the other side of a debate, especially if it contains facts instead of just name calling. Bob is serious about the “green agenda”. My response to Ron about the “recruited Republican doctors and vets with no real knowledge or study of climate ” was just to show the reverse of his opinion. I’m sorry if you thought digging up some facts took me too much time. I’ll stick to name calling next time.

  33. Its really funny nobody understands what is happening around them.

    The greatest hoax played on mankind called Global Climate which use to be called Global Warming. The “change” artists are all pushing Agenda21. Agenda21 stands for the 21st century and the other term the ‘change’ artists use is sustainable development which I am sure that you have heard by now. Each and every single day the news promotes global climate, EPA, energy crisis, water shortages ( which will be the future oil), global economy, global world etc

    Are you not wondering what is going on around you? Why everything is changing, why all these ridiculous laws being passed in congress or even in your own state or city?

    Lets go back down on memory lane to 1992, Agenda 21 is a United Nations mandate, enacted by Our former President Bill Clinton and pushed through by Nancy Pelosi. Wasn’t Al Gore the then VP?

    Have you been hearing the term consumption pattern? That is part of Agenda 21. It is the changing of your life styles. What you eat, where you live, what you drive, what light bulbs you use. How you can use your property. It will so change the way you drive down the road in our rv’s they intend to charge a per mile tax on you which to my surprise they are testing it in Oregon and a few other states . They want you off the roads and on transport systems. Wonder why all the community developments springing up? Agenda21. They don’t want you to leave your neighborhood. Notice all the ridiculous user fees?

    The schools where your children are being taught has been over run by UNESCO. Guess who is over UNESCO?
    Non Governmental organizations have infiltrated your towns halls or assemblies, next time you participate pay attention to them and their wording. Did they answer your question or was it avoided? Learn the Delphi technique

    Read and understand anything you can on Agenda 21, look and see what towns have been hit without knowing it.

    Look up Micheal Shaw he is the expert on the wetlands projects. Once you grasp what Agenda 21 is you will see why everything is changing, and honestly folks its the biggest redistribution of wealth that you will ever see via more and more TAXES. Agenda 21 is no Hoax its very real.

  34. Ken Gordon

    Is there any way I can block this diffy characters ‘articles’? Who lets him post these things anyway? Is he related to the owners of this blog or what?

  35. WOW – talk about an article that gets the troops all riled up. Of course this is a “tongue in cheek” article. Just go back up to the bottom of the article and click on his “After 40+ years of RVing” from January 24th and read it.
    The real joke (and it is very funny at that) is reading what some have to say. How long did VegasDan spend posting his answer? Poor Bizzfarm is going to miss a lot of great advice on RVing if he will not read another article by Bob Difly.
    This is written proof that all RVers are NOT the same.

  36. Vegasdan

    Here’s a tidbit of information from The Max Planck Society. The Max Planck Society is made up of 76 Institutions employing over 13,000 researchers and employees out of which over 4700 are scientists in various fields including 8 Nobel Prize winners. It is based in Germany (so they probably listen to Rush on Radio Free America). They have recently conducted serious research indicating that the “sun is a far more significant factor” in global warming.

  37. Va. Patroit

    Why don’t you walk the walk instead of just talking the talk? Get rid of your RV. Buy a tent and a bicycle and spend your time living off the land. OOPS, cant’ do that, might have to kill something to eat. Can’t kill animals, too cruel, can’t kill plants, they have feeling too. Hey here’s an idea, take yourself out and leave much less of ANY kind of footprint.

  38. PapPappy

    I know that there was supposed to be humor in this, but I think it makes more sense to be realistic. I don’t believe that the global warming is as bad as the “wackos” say, but I also believe that some things such as recycling and trying to reduce our usage of power (electric and oil) are good things.

    I’ve worked hard to earn my RV and plan to use it. I also feel that we are caretakers of our planet…for our children and their children, and we shouldn’t do things that will ruin it. Boy Scouts were taught…Camp and enjoy nature, but leave only footprints. We should leave only tire tracks…..and only in the areas allowed.

    Having some valid arguments for the Wackos is good…….not just some baloney about how we can be wasteful and arrogant.

  39. Vegasdan

    Ron, I don’t know where you got your facts but here is just a few of the “Republican Doctors or Vets(?)” who either disagree with global warming or have studies with evidence showing other causes (natural variability) for it other than man made. Some even claim global warming has a benefit to man, feel free to reserch their comments and studies.

    Timothy Ball, Professor of Geology, Univ. of Winnipeg
    Robert Carter, geologist, researcher at the Marine Geophysical Lab at James Cook Univ. in Australia
    Vincent Gray, Coal Chemist, founder of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.
    Hendrik Tennekes, Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorlogical Institute.
    Antonio Zichichi, emeritus professor of nuclear physics at the Univ. of Bologna and President of the WORLD FEDERATION of SCIENTSTS. His comments are as follows: “models used by the IPCC are incoherent and invalid from a scientific point of view.”
    Khabibullo Abdusamatov, mathmetician and astronomer at Pulkovskaya Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Sallie Baliunas, astronomer at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
    Reid Bryson, former ameritus professor of Atmospheic and Oceanic Sciences, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.
    George V. Chilingar, Professor of Civil and Petroleum Engineering at the Univ. of So. Cal.
    Ian Clark, Hydrogeologist, professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Ottawa.
    David Douglas, Solid-state Physicist, professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Rochester.
    Don Esterbrook, Emeritus professor of Geology Western Washington Univ.
    William Gray, Professor Emeritus and head of The Tropical Meterology Project, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State Univ.
    William Kininmonth, meteorologist, former Australian delegate to World Meterological Organization Commission for Climatology.
    George Kukla, Professor of Climatology at Columbia Univ. and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
    David Legates, associate professor of geography and director of the Center for Climatic Research, Univ. of Delaware.
    Marcel eroux, professor of Climatology, Univ. Jean Moulin, France.
    Tad Murty, Oceanographer, adj. professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences, Univ. of Ottawa.
    Tim Patterson, paleoclimatologist and Professor of Geology at Carlton Univ., Canada.
    Ian Palmer, professor emeritus of Mining Geology, Univ. of Adelaide.
    Nir Shaviv, Astrophysicist, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem.
    Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Evironmental Sciences at Univ. of Virginia.
    Willie Soon, astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
    Roy Spencer, principal research scientist, Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville.
    Philip Stott, professor emeritus of biogeography at Univ. of London.
    Henrik Svensmark, Danish National Space Center.
    Jan Veizer, environmental geologist,Professor emeritus fron Univ. of Ottawa.
    Syun-Ichi Akasofu, professor of geophysics and Founding Director of the International Artic Research Center at the Univ. of Alaska. He states”The meathod of study adopted by the IPCC is fundamentaly flawed, resulting in a baseless conclusion.”
    Claude Allegre, geochemist, Institute of Geophysics, Paris.
    Robert Balling, Jr., Professor of Geography, Univ. at Arizona St.
    John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and Director of the Earth System Science Center at Univ. of Alabama.
    Petr Chylek, Space and Remote Sensing Sciences researchr, Los Alamos National Lab.
    William Cotton, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State.
    Chris de Freitas, Associate Professor, School of Geography, Geology and Enviromental Science, Univ. of Auckland.
    David Deming, geology professor, Univ. of Oklahoma.
    Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Mass. Institute of Technology and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.
    Craig Idso, faculty researcher, Office of Climatology, AZ. St. Univ., founder of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.
    Sherwood Idso, former research physicist, USDA Water Consevation Lab, and adjunct professor, AZ. St. Univ.
    Patrick Michaels, research professor of Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Virginia.

    Hard as I tried I couldn’t find one Republican “Vet”.

  40. Ray Scroggins

    Over the top as usual from the enviro-nuts. I don’t believe most people who disagree with the clamor over global warming have the mindset you portray here, but as usual the liberal take is everyone who is against what we believe in is nuts. I am tired of the “anointed” pushing their agenda without a balanced approach that allows for some lifestyle differences while still considering the impact on our environment. All-out wastefulness and greed are not the normal mindset of those who question some of the science behind the extremes of the environmental movement. A little reason would help Just remember the clamor over apples and Alar, Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” and Paul Malthus’s “Population Bomb.” We need to consider the effects of our lifestyle but not throuw out our economy to save a couple of spotted owls.

  41. Frank Reynolds

    If Bob believes in global warming then he must believe that some weather people can predict the weather more than three days in a row. Like 100 years in the future. Like Algore. This is all about taxing (punishing) the US for feeding the rest of the world. Europe is tired of us leading and they want to take over. Well with Mr “O” in office I think you will soon get your dose of “cure”. By the way I don’t think you will find to many people agreeing that RVing is a “green thing” so be careful with that idea. Rving is more of a Rush thing.

  42. Drivel! Gore’isms such as this will never replace sound reasoning and a knowledge of history

  43. blizzfam

    Idiot.. Typical liberal rhetoric.. When people disagree, make fun of them instead of discussing they issues… Last one of yours I will read

  44. Bob

    Difley maybe you and Al Gore can camp together!! and ride your bicycles form camp site to camp site. Give it up not the place for this kind of dribel.

  45. What’s really funny is that so many people took this facetiousness as serious; those are the ones I’m really scared of.

    I agree that many of our current ‘green’ concepts are significantly more dangerous in the long run; fluorescent bulbs contain high levels of mercury which, as Jim said, need to be disposed of in a specific manner, and everybody knows they aren’t. However, a much, much cleaner and more energy-efficient technology is already available for RV and home use, up to a point, and that’s LED technology. I’ll grant that, for now, they’re far more expensive to purchase, but they put out as much light (depending on how they’re made) and use only 10% of the energy fluorescents draw, which is 25% of what our current incandescents draw. That means that LEDs draw only 2-3% of the power of your standard 60W light bulb for the same amount of light.

    There are many other ways to go green to, many of them lampooned in this posting. Driving slower works, in most situations. Driving [i]smart[/i] works better. Cruise control is a big help on those long drives, but because it’s a [i]reactive[/i] control system, it accelerates and decelerates later than it really should; actually causing you to use more fuel in some circumstances.

    Higher tire pressures (up to the tire’s rated maximum) may make for a harsher ride, but could save you anywhere from 5-10% in gas mileage. Make sure those tires are rated for the load too; saving money by buying cheap, under-rated tires will cost you more in the long run in road service and repairs.

    Green isn’t just for the ecology, it’s for YOU. You get what you pay for, and if you get cheap, you’ll find you’re fixing or replacing far more than you need.

  46. Allison

    Well, as a mindless rant, I guess Bob’s essay works. As insightful satire, its a loser.

    Junk science plus screechy leftist stereotypes equal immensely boring reading- the only folks who will endorse this nonsense are of the same ilk anyway.

    Not makin’ any converts to “global warming” (oh, wait- we’re calling it climate change now that everything is cooling off again!) today, Bob…

  47. Jim Blackwell

    I am so sick and tired of liberal idiots like difley. Common sense is the pass word and I dont need difley’s rants to remind me of anything. He is not like Rush who has some brains.

  48. Ron Friedel

    You guy that disagree with Bob and start calling him names, like liberal and socialist, just need to go for the “triple dog dare” and go straight to “Nazi.”

    The large number of “scientists” who were recruited to oppose global warming are mostly Republican doctors or vets with no real knowledge or study of climate.

  49. Ron Swafford

    Not all of us who disagree with you are Neanderthals. Some of us believe the myriad of scientists who disagree with the whole “global warming” cabal. Just because AlGore has a pretty power point – with tons of inaccuracies, and outright lies – is no reason to get on his bandwagon.

    I believe in doing my part by recycling, economizing, using paper instead of plastic, etc. BUT I choose to believe scientists who do NOT have a political agenda behind their pronouncements, but rather look at real historical data rather than improperly placed weather measuring instruments that skew the information.

    Get off your damned high horse on this. If you want to deal with RVing, then do it. But stay out of my lifestyle choices.

  50. Sterling

    I have to tell you that I thought your post had a little nastier edge to it then necessary, maybe you accidently tapped into your inner Rush Limbaugh. Don’t lower yourself to the meanspiritedness of those of that ilk. I do agree wholeheartedly with you that our individualistic selfishness and me first attitudes are driving our country right down into the toilet, and also destroying our natural world in the process. There are liberal RVer’s, we are just fewer in number. I just can’t understand how many RVer’s who love the great outdoors, can’t get through their heads that the RV lifestyle will not be killed by environmentalists, but by short sighted and wasteful RVers.

  51. John

    You’re a liberal and you have a free forum to promote socialist drivel that no one agrees with.
    Give it up Difley..

  52. jim

    I really do hope you are saying this tongue in cheek. There are things we can do to lower our costs and there are things that are out of our control. Global warming is as far as i can see a hoax. Now, that doesn’t mean we should foul our nests.by all means, cloth bags, recycle things that make sense to recycle. Some tings cost more to recycle in terms of energy than they save! Some “energy saving green’ items are actually more harmful than that which they replace, compact fluorescent bulbs as an example, they have mercury in them. The required handling is extreme. can’t just throw them in the recycle bin, they are HAZARDOUS waste. Break one and you need to evacuate the area and call the EPA (read the warnings on the labels)

    Sure, drive a little slower, spend a little more time in each location. turn off the AC if you’re gone for a time. Use an extra blanket. there are many things we can do to save money and energy, but crawling into a hole and pulling in the edges isn’t one of them