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RVing and canadian currency

Canadian Currency — What You Need to Know

See our ongoing coverage of Canada’s 150th birthday in the coming weeks. RVing and Canadian currency — what you need to know. American RVers planning a trip up to Canada should not forget to obtain some Canadian currency sufficient to cover their cash needs. This will save you money and hassle: Although U.S. dollars are accepted in many Canadian businesses, the U.S.-Canada

Large black and tan motorhome parked in parking lot

RV Travel Soars as International Travel Declines

RV Travel Soars–and the sky’s the limit. Domestic holiday destinations seem to be the latest craze, or perhaps more correctly, what many believe to be the better alternative.The international travel climate is becoming much more uncertain. Conflicts throughout the world have left many with doubts. While airlines and overseas travel destination vacation sales are slumping,

RVing Abroad

If you enjoy the RV lifestyle, RVing abroad is a must. When renting an RV for your European vacation, consider the type of vehicle you are paying for and where you plan to travel and camp. Most companies offer campervans and motorhomes for rent in various sizes. To locate campgrounds that fit your needs, obtain a