The sun is shining, and the snow is melting. The birds are chirping, and trees are budding everywhere. It must be time to think about your next summertime adventure. Why not consider taking the adventure of a lifetime in an RV, and better yet, pointing that RV south to Brighton RV Resort?

You certainly wouldn’t be alone.

According to a new forecast from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, the RV industry is in for a seventh consecutive year of growth. The nearly $38 billion industry is projected to deliver 381,100 units this year. That would be a 2 percent increase above the 2015 total of 374,246. The forecasted total for 2016 is more than double the industry’s 2009 recession low, and is being driven by an improving economy, a deep-seated preference of consumers for the RV lifestyle and innovative RV designs.

Brighton RV ResortSo, what’s the fuss all about? Manufacturers have tapped into an ability to quickly deliver new features and options that appeal to the ever-evolving tastes — and stabilizing budgets — of the consumer. From large motorhomes ($60,000-$500,000) to van campers ($43,000-$200,000) to conventional travel trailers ($8,000-$95,000) to truck campers ($6,000-$55,000) to folding camping trailers ($5,000-$22,000), there is an option for everyone.

And, why do people choose an RV?

  • RVs are a flexible and convenient way to travel. Go where you want, when you want, and how you want, while avoiding the hassles of convention means of travel.
  • RVs provide all of the comforts of home on the road or at the campground — from fully-equipped kitchens, baths and bedrooms to central air and heat to flat-screen TVs and surround-sound stereos.
  • RVs have family appeal and offer a uniquely enjoyable way to travel as a family. In fact, families that frequently vacation by RV say it fosters an increased sense of togetherness and helps improve family communication. RV owners say that strengthening family relationships is important for their pleasure trips.
  • RVs have the affordability factor. Independent price comparisons show that RV vacations are more affordable than travel by personal car, commercial airline or cruise ship. Even factoring in RV ownership costs and considering resulting tax benefits, a family of four can spend up to 59 percent less when traveling by RV.

Brighton RV ResortDon’t want to buy an RV? Rentals are available. The RV rental business is a $350 million industry and is growing.

Convinced yet? See you at Brighton RV Resort.

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