For over 16 months now I have lived full-time in my Lance Camper. 48 States and an odometer pushing 70,000 miles gave me a personal best. With a wee bit of celebration in mind, and to kick off the Summer of ’09, I wanted to treat myself right so I turned to Thetford.

There is something about a porcelain toilet. Now, if you’ve never spent a year and a half on a factory installed plastic one, you’re probably thinking, “it’s not all that big of a deal.” Well, for me it was time for an upgrade, and a state-of-the-art one at that. Now when Nature calls I’ll be answering with a new toilet.

I don’t know why my Grand Mother taught me the Yiddish term for backside, but she did. Bless her heart; she started calling me a “Pain in the Tookis” when I was just a little boy. That said, to treat my “tookis” this time around I set out to install a Thetford Aqua Magic Style II toilet. One hose, two bolts and a couple of fittings later, I was sitting high. The porcelain bowl tops a tough, yet lightweight plastic pedestal. The foot-flush and attached spray hose are nice touches as well.

On a side note, let’s say you are looking for a makeover like me, or maybe touching up a pre-owned RV. I’m thinking that great after-purchase-addition to your pre-owned rig might be a brand-spanking-new toilet. Why not celebrate ceramic style? Cheers to your very own china bowl!

“AS-IS” is not a term for toilets. Think about it.

A pre-owned RV………40,000 miles
Total cost at signing….$25,000
Number of great years left….35 plus
A “Zero mileage” toilet………PRICELESS

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