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July 11, 2010

tall swordThe boys took a trip to Tennessee with MFAE back in May. They suggested I tell everyone about Smokey Mountain Knife Works and Kelgin Knife Maker’s Co-Op. So for those planning on taking a trip to the Smokey Mountains, you might want to add this to your trip itinerary.

Smokey Mountain Knife Works is a store full of beautiful artwork that just happens to be knives, swords, etc. From small pocketknives to a sword that stands two stories tall, they’ve got it all. The twins spent a good two hours walking around the store it’s self.

Then they headed over to Kelgin Knife Makers Co-Op. Since the boys are both studying metal working (one tool and die, the other welding) they wanted to check out the forge. The Co-Op explains the history of the knives and how they’re made. For a price you can hammer out your own knife. Well what teenage boy wouldn’t like to make their own knife from a ½ a horseshoe!!

hammering a knife

R hammering out a knife

They paid their $40 and began to create their own knife. The blacksmith starts out heating up the metal and explaining how to forge the hot metal. When the edge of the horseshoe is flat enough a member from the Co-Op will sharpen and buff the knife for you.

The best part of this for the twins was talking w/ the gentleman working the forge that day. He was quite personable and shared his wealth of information freely with the boys. He also showed them knives made from railroad ties, bicycle chains, saw blades, a piece of cable. There is true talent at this Co-Op and it’s great that they want to share their talent.

the finished product

Look what we made!!

I think the boys could have spent the whole day there, but there’s so much more to see, so after the knife making they headed down the road. If you plan on visiting and making a knife plan on at least 4 hours. This is one of those hidden gems that can get lost in the crowd of all the glitzy things to do in a tourist area. But now you know the inside scoop! Not sure where to stay when you’re in Tennessee? Try Woodalls to research your visit.

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  1. Denise

    Sorry about the Bob I did attach a link to the article. It’s in Sevierville, TN

  2. Bob Yawn

    Really a shame to post a great article about a knife shop, etc., and not say where it is, other than the Smoky Mountains.