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July 2, 2017

rv owl prowl

Go on an RV owl prowl on your next road trip — and learn about the wide variety of an incredible species.

rv owl prowl

Great Horned Owl, Photo: Greg Hume

I crept through the woods as silently as my human feet could carry me, careful not to break a twig, following Ranger Ken through the almost total darkness of the forest. The ranger moved as quietly as a predator on the hunt. After several minutes my eyes had adjusted enough for me to see his signal to stop. Our group huddled close. Ken put his hands to his mouth and emitted an eerie call out into the darkness. We waited. A minute later, he repeated the call. We waited, staring up at the black silhouettes of treetops against the moonless sky.

Suddenly, a dark shape sailed as noiselessly as a ghost across the star-filled sky and landed in the forest canopy — and repeated the call. Goosebumps broke out on my skin. Ranger Ken had attracted an Eastern Screech Owl.

The majority of birdwatchers seldom participate in Owl Prowls as they are called, since we humans, unlike owls, have evolved with a short list of useful nighttime attributes. Our very small eyes limit us after dark to little more than well-lit activities, like reading, watching television and staring into campfires. But owl prowls are a unique way to experience nature in the wild.

RV Owl Prowl — Hit the Road to Cool Habitats

Each locations is great for an RV owl prowl. Visit each website link below for times and dates. Do an Internet search (owl prowl [state]) to find owl prowls in your area.

World Bird Sanctuary, Valley Park, Missouri
Come over to the dark side and meet these amazing birds that exist by moonlight on select evenings from November thru March, an exciting opportunity to learn more about the amazing life of owls. Spend an evening with a WBS naturalist who will introduce you to live owls and their unique calls. Then, take an easy night hike through our grounds to try to call in a wild owl!

Good Sam Parks near Valley Park, Missouri

International Owl Center, Houston, Minnesota
Owls live all around us but are very good at evading detection. Come learn how to identify our local owls by size, shape, silhouette, and sound. Following the indoor portion of the program, participants will carpool to known owl territories to call for Eastern Screech-Owls, Barred Owls, and Great Horned Owls.

Good Sam Parks near Houston, Minnesota

Seward Park Audubon Center, Seattle, Washington
A night hike deep into the old-growth forest in search of our resident owls will begin with learning about these amazing nocturnal predators, their habitats, behaviors, and language, and where we will call out to find these skillful birds.

Good Sam Parks near Seattle, Washington

Armand Bayou Nature Center, Pasadena, Texas
Once a month, near full moon (times vary) join us for a beautiful moonlit walk through the woods as we look for owls and listen for fascinating night sounds.

Good Sam Parks near Pasadena, Texas

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