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April 21, 2011

Dear Action Line:

On or about June 26, 2010, I took delivery of a used 2002 Endeavor motorhome from Holiday World of Houston in Katy, Texas. When I started moving into the coach, the front A/C quit working. Technicians took it into the shop and got it working again. However, in less than a month, it quit working again. I took it to a dealer in Amarillo, Texas, who checked it out and found that it was beyond repair. Due to a delay in delivery of a replacement, it was not replaced until October 22, 2010, at a cost of $1303.90.

I called Darrell Joyce, salesman, at the same time and told him of this and some additional problems that had been discovered as follows:

1. A new washer-dryer was installed because the one in the coach was not working. A service manager called, and I told him that one of the rear feet on the washer was missing and it wobbled when in use. He sent me a new foot. On closer inspection I found that not only was the foot missing but the mount for the foot was broken and bent and, when it was installed, a block of wood was stuck under it in place of the foot causing it to vibrate and slide around. Cost of repair was $180.

2. A couple of days after delivery, we found that the kitchen faucet was leaking water anytime pressure was on the line and dripping under the sink. I had to replace the faucet myself at a cost of $112.72.

3. A few more days and we found water leaking from the flush mechanism of the toilet. The whole mechanism was corroded and had lime deposits all around every joint on it. This should have been noticed by the service people when they made sure everything was in top working order before delivery. A mobile RV repairman replaced the toilet while I wasstaying at a Colorado campground. Cost was $444.79.

Mr. Joyce told me that he would have a service manager call me immediately. Instead, a service writer called me, and she said she would have a service manager call me. This never happened. Finally, on August 10, I wrote a letter to the general manager of Holiday World detailing the problems. About two weeks later, the general manager, C. Powers, called me, and we discussed the problem. I was told to have the work completed and send copies of invoices and I would be reimbursed.

I sent copies of the invoices on October 22, 2010, after I had the air conditioner replaced. A few days later, after more e-mail correspondence, I received a check for $1303.90, which was the exact amount of the A/C replacement. There was no mention of the other items.

I have called Fred Fortin, the service manager, and left messages several times. He has not returned my calls. I also wrote e-mails to him, which still remain unanswered.

Finally on January 5, 2011, I wrote a letter to Holiday World of Houston, Attn: General Manager, 28909 Katy Freeway, Katy, TX 77494, outlining the problem. A person by the name of Manny called in answer and told me he would have the general manager call me. I have had no response.

I am still waiting for the reimbursement promised for the other three items in the amount of $737.41. Copies of all invoices are attached. Any help that Action Line can give would be appreciated. Thank you.

Harold Josefy, Loveland, Oklahoma


I called and spoke with Mr. Josefy this morning and apologized for not sending the second reimbursement check promptly. I told Mr. Josefy that a check in the amount of $737.41 will be mailed today.

I also accepted full responsibility for my failure to follow up in a timely manner in order to get this problem resolved.

My hope is that Mr. Josefy will return to our store in the future and give us the opportunity to regain his confidence once again and that we may share a successful relationship for years to come.

Mr. Josefy indicated on the phone that he accepts my apology and looks forward to receiving the check.

Fred Fortin
Service Manager
Holiday World of Houston

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  1. My GS # is 1433-Life and I have lost the Life Member Plaque that was issued to me so many years ago and can not find anyway to replace it on the Good Sam website. Can you let me know how I can find a replacement plaque, please.
    I am currently at my summer home and will be here until the 1st part of October before returning to my home in Leesburg FL.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Michael Bradu

    We have kept an extended warranty on our Motorhome and Jeep with the extended seals and gaskets coverage. I read what I could on it since the people selling the contracts dont like to discuss anything or dont know anything about it. Evedently the one most important factor is the one they leave the most vague. This is where life falls apart for my wife and I. My wife broke down and called the Good Sam ERS that we keep, in fact she called it several times since she got put on hold and hung up on several times. Luckily My duaghter and wife only had to sit in the car in 90 degree weather for over about 90 minutes till someone finally said a tow truck will be there within a half hour. Since we have the Extended warranty we had the Jeep towed to Lithia Dodge. I was told when I signed up for the warranty if I had to take the vehicle in, write up as much as possible. OK, besides the original problem which turned out to be a busted valve spring, Our AC wasnt blowing cold all the time and I have the extra seals and gaskets so I told them about the small leak at the transmission pan. I got a call from our servie adviser that evidently the claim has been denied because our tire size is different. The vin# says our 02 Jeep Liberty origanally came with 215/70R16 tires and the tires we had installed just 4 months ago are the other recommneded tire size the Jeep has listed in their owners manual. 235/70R16. Now even though our service advisor and mechanic has determined that in no way, shape, or form could the tire size cause a valve spring to bust, the a/c to quit, or a trans pan gasket to leak. Good Sam has determined that they will not pay. They have however said that If I want to pay out of pocket, (I dont kow whos pocket, because we were going to have to borrow the $500 for the deductable) that they MAY, but probalby will not reimburse us for the repair. Like my wife hasnt had enough to cry about,
    Thank you Good Sam for Adding to her distrust of companies