Who says you can’t work out in your p.j.’s? It’s cold outside, and rainy, maybe even snowing (brr) so going out for a hike, jog, or bike ride just doesn’t appeal. But there’s the New Year’s resolution hanging over you. What to do? I have a perfect solution, you can do this workout, in the privacy of your own home or motorhome, even in your pj’s. It takes up practically no space and requires no special equipment. I would suggest your walking shoes instead of slippers, it helps to get a more vigorous marching pace.

Start by walking in place to warm up, gradually increasing the intensity until you feel good and warmed up and ready to go.
1.Squat. Keep your back straight, abs tight, lower your hips being sensitive to the knees. If it hurts, you are going too low; even a little distance can do your backside a lot of good. Check to be sure the knees are staying behind the toes, lower and lift 15- 20 times. Great for shaping up the rear.
2.Now try a lunge. Step forward, with a “ mother may I” giant step. Return to standing. Repeat on the same side 15 times, then switch, or alternate legs, to reach your 15 count.
3.Woodchopper. From a wide leg stance, lift up overhead, hands clasped, and then swing down and between your legs. Come back up to standing. Be sure to hold the abdominal muscles in tight as you come back up to protect your back. Repeat 15 times.

4.Pushups- whether you can do military style, or with bent knees, place the hands directly under the shoulders, lower and lift using the chest and shoulder muscles. You don’t have to go all the way down to make it effective, at first a few inches of down and up will do the trick. After practice you can lower further.
5. Crunches. Flip over onto your back, bring your knees up, feet on the floor and, drawing your belly in, exhale and lift your head, shoulders, and upper body slowly up towards the ceiling. Pause and lower, the slower you go on these, the more effective the move.
Wow wasn’t that fun? If you want to make it a cardiovascular workout, jog or march for 5 minutes in place between each move. If you’ve got more time, repeat it for a fantastic calorie burning, full body shaping workout. Now you’re going to have to take a shower and get dressed. Have a great day.

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